God looks at the heart

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today’s story comes from 1 Samuel 16. Last year’s lesson can be found HERE.


So God was unhappy with Saul as king and He told Samuel to go pick a new one. God would show him who should be king next.

God told Samuel to go to Bethlehem (that’s the city where Jesus would later be born). There he should find a daddy named Jesse. One of Jesse’s boys would be the new king. So Samuel found Jesse and he found Jesse’s biggest boy. The biggest boy was VERY big..and handsome and strong…everything a king should be.

“This is him, right God?’ asked Samuel.

“No” answered God. “I have not chosen him….don’t just look at how big and strong he is. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

One by one Jesse brought each of his boys before Samuel (just like the step sisters in Cinderella) but every time God said no.

“Are these ALL of your boys?” Samuel asked.

“Well…” Jesse said, “There’s my youngest boy…but he’s out taking care of the sheep.”

Samuel said “Go get him.” So they went to get David, the littlest boy and God said, “THIS is the one!” Samuel poured special oil on David’s head and declared him the new king. (I wonder how his brothers and his dad felt!?)

God knew that David would love him. God doesn’t always pick the biggest, smartest, prettiest, or tallest. God doesn’t care if you have yellow hair or black hair, purple skin or blue skin, if you wear glasses or braces, if you can’t speak very well or if you’re not very good at school work. What matters to God is what is in your heart. Do you love God? Will you obey Him?

God chooses people who will love and obey Him. He chose little David. God had big HUGE plans for David, and He has big plans for you too if you will love and obey Him.

For our craft today, we cut out people shapes and decorated them. Then we took a heart sticker and added it and our text which reads: Man looks at what’s on the outside, but God cares about what’s in our hearts! 1 Samuel 16


Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!

Jesus anointed

Hey all. Our story today is form Luke 7:36-50.

Remember the pharisees? They were the most religious people. They knew all the words in the Bible (but they weren’t very good at OBEYING GOD, but still they thought they were better than everyone else because they knew SO MUCH.)

One of the pharisees invited Jesus (and some others) to his house for dinner, and Jesus went.

While they were there a woman came. Everyone there knew she didn’t usually make good choices so they were all surprised to see her. But she was SOOO excited to see Jesus! She brought smelly good perfume and put it on Jesus’ feet. Back then people wore sandals all the time so their feet were pretty dirty…but she didn’t care. She was so excited to see Jesus, she even started crying! And she dried her tears with her hair and kissed his feet!

The pharisee said, “Why do you let her do this?! If you knew what a bad person she is, you wouldn’t let her touch you!”

But Jesus said, “Since I got here, you haven’t poured perfume on Me, or kissed Me, or cried over your happiness to be with Me. But SHE has. Her love for Me is great. And because she loves Me, I will forgive her sins. Your sins are forgiven, you may go in peace.”

All the people were confused by this. Only God can forgive people for their sins…who IS this guy???

Jesus was showing them that loving Him is much more important than knowing all the right things. When we love God, we are happy to learn more about Him. We want to be WITH Him, and worship Him. Just knowing ABOUT God, is not the same as KNOWING God. You can know God better by praying and talking to Him.


For our craft today we traced our feet on construction paper and then drew tears on the feet. We put on some lipstick and kissed the feet and then we sprayed some “perfume” on the feet.

Our text reads: Luke 7-Jesus forgave the woman who loved Him. She anointed Him with perfume, tears and kisses.


Thanks for joining us, love to you all!