Advent List



As we approach the advent season, the season of waiting and celebrating the arrival of our Savior, i am compiling our list of advent lessons. Each lesson has an old testament story, a characteristic of God and a part of the nativity story that correlates. Each day we make an ornament front and back to illustrate the lesson and by the end we have an overview of the old testament and the entire nativity story. Click each link to take you to the story. Hope you’ll follow along with us starting Dec 1!

Day 1-Tree

Day 2-Creation

Day 3-The Fall of Man

Day 4-Noah

Day 5-Abram

Day 6-Sacrificial Lamb

Day 7-Jacob’s new name

Day 8-Joseph

Day 9-Moses

Day 10-The Commandments

Day 11-Rahab

Day 12-Ruth

Day 13-Joshua

Day 14-Samuel

Day 15-Saul

Day 16-David

Day 17-Elijah

Day 18-Jonah

Day 19-Esther

Day 20-Daniel

Day 21-Return from Captivity

Day 22-Worship Restored

Day 23-Prophecies

Day 24-Waiting for the Messiah

Day 25-He is here!


#advent #christmas #nativity

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