Cain and Abel

Welcome back! Today’s lesson is from Genesis 4. (Last year’s lesson and craft can be found HERE).


Adam and Eve had two sons. Cain worked in the field. He grew vegetables. It was hard work. Abel looked after the sheep. He was a shepherd. As the boys grew, they each decided to give God an offering (like a present). Cain picked some of the food he’d grown and brought it to God. But Abel brought his BEST sheep…the best he had and brought that to God. God was very happy with Abel’s gift. But He was not so happy with Cain’s gift. This made Cain mad. He was jealous that God liked Abel’s present better. So he got a very bad idea. He tricked Abel and took him far into the field and he killed him.

Then God came and asked Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”

“How should I know?!” answered Cain. “Am I my brother’s keeper? Am I in charge of him?”

But God knew exactly what Cain had done. We know when we disobey God that there will be consequences. We can not lie to God. He always knows what really happened–don’t try to trick God. And God told Cain, “Now you have bad consequences. You did not bring Me your best, you killed your brother AND you tried to lie about it. From now on, you will just wander around…and you will try to work and grow more food, but you will not be able to grow any.”

This made Cain very sad, but God promised even though he would no longer be able to grow food, that He would protect him and no one would hurt him. Even though God gave Cain a consequence, He still loved him and took care for him.


In this story we learn it’s important to give God our best. Abel WANTED to give God the best sheep he had. You probably don’t have any sheep to give God, right? But you can give God your time by praying and reading your Bible. You can use your talents (like singing, drawing, playing sports or music) to be loving to others, to praise Him and teach other people about Him. You can give God your money–to help your church or to help someone in need. These are just some of the ways we can give God our best. We don’t just give Him our leftovers…maybe a couple minutes here or there. Or just worship God on Sunday–we want to put God first ALWAYS.

We didn’t do a craft today, but we did find two videos:

THIS ONE from Bibliatv and THIS ONE from StayAtHomeNinja.


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Cain and Abel

Hi friends.

Today’s story is from Genesis 4. The story of Cain and Abel.

Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain was first, and then Abel. Cain grew up and worked in the fields. Abel grew up and was a shepherd (he took care of the sheep.) One day, the boys decided to bring an offering (or a present to God). Cain brought some of the food from the fields. But Abel worked hard to make sure he gave God his BEST sheep.

Back then, the first son was supposed to get all the blessings and money and honor. But God wasn’t happy with the first son. This happens a lot in the Bible. People who are supposed to be first or extra important, are not the people God picks. God doesn’t care who is first or most important, He cares about what is in someone’s heart.

God was very happy with what Abel brought. It made Him happy that Abel gave Him his best. He was not as happy with Cain. That made Cain jealous and he was angry. He was thinking angry thoughts when God said “Why are you angry, Cain? You are planning bad things, but you should not give in to sin. If you make good choices I will be pleased with you, but if you make bad choices, there will be bad consequences.”

Cain didn’t listen to God, and he tricked his brother Abel into going into the fields with  him and he killed Abel.

Later, God said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”

Cain replied “I don’t know?! How should i know?! Am i in charge of him?”

But God knew EXACTLY what Cain had done. We can not hide from God.

God said, “Because you sinned and disobeyed me, you have to leave this land. You will always be a drifter and have to work extra hard to get anything from the land.”

Cain was sad that he had to leave God, but even though he made a bad choice and had a bad consequence, God still promised to be with Cain. Even when we mess up, God still cares for us. There are consequences for our choices, but God still loves us.

For our craft, we drew a picture of Cain and Abel…Cain looks angry (we used dry spaghetti for the fields) and Abel is surrounded by his sheep (cotton balls.)



We found these two cartoon synopsis on youtube:

This one posted by bibliatv.

And this one posted by stayathomeninja.

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