Hello all! So yesterday and today at our house we did the stories of God whispering to Elijah  and Elisha and the chariots of fire.

For the Elijah story we found:

THIS VIDEO from Gracelink posted by SabbathSchool.

THIS VIDEO is a song posted by Linda Harper. (Not professional quality or anything, but simple lyrics and motions that any church or home could adapt to help kids remember to listen to God’s voice.)

THIS VIDEO  is another summary of today’s lesson from Sunnyside Church.


For the Elisha story we found:

THIS VIDEO by ShareFaithSolutions which is a recap of today’s story.

Thanks for reading through the Bible with us this year! Love to you all!

Elisha and God’s Chariots of Fire

Hi again!

Today’s story is from 2 kings 6.

Elisha was now God’s chosen prophet (after Elijah). God used Elisha to perform many miracles (things that shouldn’t be able to happen, but do!) like someone who was dead got up and lived again! And a lady needed money and she poured a tiny bit of oil into a jar and it just kept coming and coming and coming until she had enough she could sell and make all the money she needed.

God talked to Elisha just like He had with Elijah. Then Elisha told the people what God wanted them to know, because he was a prophet.

Now Israel (God’s chosen people) were always fighting other countries. Everybody seemed to want to fight Israel. The King of Aram was the one at this time. He planned to attack the Israelites, but God told Elisha his plan and Elisha told the king and they went a different way so they wouldn’t get attacked. The king of Aram kept planning and planning but every time God told Elisha and the Israelites how to escape. This made the king of Aram very very angry and frustrated and he wanted to capture Elisha.

So one night, the king of Aram and his army surrounded the Israelites. When they got up the next morning, the Israelites were scared. Elisha’s servant said, “What are we going to do?”

“Nothing,” said Elisha. “Don’t be afraid.” He prayed to God and ask God to show his servant what he could see. Then God let the servant see something he hadn’t before. There were lots and lots and lots of angels (God’s heavenly, spiritual helpers). They had horses and chariots (kind of like a big wagon that people could ride in), and they looked like they were on fire. They were ready to fight for Israel.

Then God blinded the Arameans so they couldn’t see at.all. Elisha went out to them and said, “Um…you’re going the wrong way! Here, come this way!” and he led them straight to king of Israel.

Since this was the enemy, the king of Israel wanted to kill the soldiers, but instead Elisha told the king he should give them some food and water and let them go. after that, the soldiers from Aram didn’t attack the Israelites anymore.

God is always working, even now. He lives in our hearts and He cares about us and what happens here and with our friends and neighbors. And He has angels, who we can’t always see, but they are His helpers and they do what He tells them to. God let Elisha and his servant see the mighty and huge army of God.

Elisha followed God and he trusted Him. Because Elisha was so close to God and talked to Him all the time, he knew what God wanted to do with the other soldiers. Do you know God cares for ALL people, even the Aramean soldiers? God doesn’t just love the Israelites. He loves everybody, even us and even the Arameans who were attacking Israel. Elisha knew that God is love and God had given the soldiers over to them by making them not see. Elisha trusted God to take care of it, instead of killing everyone himself. The Bible tells us to love those who are mean to us and to not be mean back just because someone is mean to us. Elisha showed the king of Israel how God loves, by being nice to his enemies, and letting God take care of them.

For our craft today, we drew some blind Arameans and angel soldiers and then added tissue paper fire to them.

IMG_8641 IMG_8642 IMG_8643

This video is a great retelling of the story posted by SabbathSchool.

Thanks for joining us today. Love to you all!