Wisdom-giving to others

Hi again! Today we are learning more from Proverbs. One of the ways to be wise and make good choices is by giving to others.


The Bible tells us the most important thing is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind. And you must love your neighbor just as much as you love yourself.” Luke 10:27.

Proverbs talks about this A LOT.

14:21: “It is a sin to belittle one’s neighbor; blessed are those who help the poor.”

14:31: “Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker, but helping the poor honors him.”

19:17: “If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lordand he will repay you!”

28:27: “Whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to poverty will be cursed.”

29:7: “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.”

31:20: (the woman of faith) “She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.”

One way to show you are a wise person is by thinking of others! What are some ways we can do that? Christmas is a popular time to give to others, but we can give all the time!

Some ideas in our family include: donating to a local women’s shelter, donating items and time to our local foster care agency, being a foster family, sharing what we have with those in need on the street, sponsoring a child overseas, welcoming all friends even if they don’t look like us or have the same things we have…you can donate your old clothes, volunteer to tutor, mentor (big brothers and big sisters programs), or serve at a food shelter. Even helping someone who has a sad heart. We can be aware of what other people are going through. Sometimes people are mean to other kids because they look different, sound different or dress different…but the great thing is…God made us ALL different! And we can love others by standing up for them when someone else is being mean to them.

The best part is, you don’t have to have money to love others! Jesus didn’t have a lot money and He was the BEST example of loving others. He washed his disciples’ stinky feet, we was a friend to EVERYONE, even people who were sick or mean. He helped sick people get better, and He cried with His friends who were sad. Jesus was a GREAT friend. He even gave up His life for us, dying on the cross.

** Parents: Of course these are things our children will learn from SEEING us do continually. Children often learn more from our actions than our words.

Maybe your family can sit down and make a list of at least one way to show love to others each month of the year. Or maybe each Sunday evening you can think of one way to serve someone that week. Proverbs says that WISE people look out for others and help take care of them.

THIS VIDEO posted by Haytham Ibrahim may be better suited to older kids, but does really show how taking time to show others God’s love every day makes a difference.

THIS is a pretty cute song that kind of goes along with today’s lesson posted by Dakota Pyle.

And a classic Veggie Tales song from the Good Samaritan lesson posted by guardian tony.

Thanks again for joining us! Love to you all!

Giving generously

Hello all!


Today’s lesson is from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, chapters 8 and 9.

In this part of Paul’s letter he is reminding the people to be generous. Do you know what generous means? It means giving a LOT! What kinds of things can you give?

(Money, clothes, toys)…the most important thing Paul says we can give, is Jesus! We can tell other people about Him and show them His love.

We can share our toys, we can give money or clothes to people on the street who don’t have any. We can sponsor a missionary (someone who goes around the world telling people about Jesus), we can sponsor a child, and we can give our money and our time to our local church. We can spend time with a grandpa or grandma who can’t leave their house much. There are SO many ways to give!

Paul says “God loves a cheerful giver.” That means it makes God happy when we give with a happy heart.

He said, since you try to do the right thing and be like God in your faith, and when you use your words, learning lots of things, and in love, see that you also do a good job giving.

Maybe you and your family can make a list of ways you can give. This is another thing that you don’t have to be a grown up to be good at. Anyone who loves God (even kids) can be a great giver!

The Bible tells us that everything we have is a present from God….and that none of it will last forever. So let’s share the things we have with a happy heart, just like God shares with us, especially His love.

(No craft today), but we enjoy this song from Steve Green (posted by Christian Singers VEVO).

Thanks for joining us, love to you all!

Giving Generously

Hello again!

As part of our month of June “Living a Godly life” series, today we’ll be learning about giving generously. Our verses are 2 Corinthians 8 and 9, James 2:14-17 and 1 John 3:16.

(*Not my child, just a stock photo i found…but isn’t she precious?!)

The Bible tells us that it is important to give generously. That means to give a lot and with a happy heart.

The best example of giving is when God gave up His son Jesus to die for us. Jesus came to earth to die for us and to serve us, He gave us everything He had and God loves to take care of us and give us everything we need.

These verses also tell us that it’s important to not just WANT to give, but to actually do it. If you see somebody who needs food, or clothes, or a hug…and you can help them, then you should! It doesn’t help anyone to say “i hope you find some food! I hope you get some clothes.” YOU can be the one to help. When you help, you serve them and love them like God does.

It doesn’t matter how little you have. God says in the Bible that if someone has a LOT of money and someone a little, if they both give all they have, then He is happy with both of them! Whatever God has given you, if you share it the best you can, then God will be happy and you will be sharing His love. Whatever talents or special abilities God has given you, if you share those with others with a happy heart, you will be giving generously. And God LOVES a cheerful giver.

You can help people in need, but you can also help people in your family. You can give your mom a hug, or your brother the last cookie. What are some ways YOU think you can give?

There was no craft today. Instead, we took some muffins to the people working on our new house, and dropped off some things for the local women’s shelter as they had just advertised some needs in the local paper. We talked about giving those items to mommies and kids who needed them, but didn’t have any money for them.

**The most important thing to remember when teaching kids about generous giving (as with most values and Biblical teachings) is that YOU as the parent have to be a living example. If you donate one time when your kid is a preschooler, but are stingy with your giving the rest of the time, it will not stick with them. A constant example of generosity speaks much louder than any small Bible lesson. So, let’s all try to be good stewards of what God has shared with us, and set the example for our kids.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share in the comments below!

Next time, we’ll start on the fruits of the spirit. Love to you all.