Hi all!

Today’s story is from the book of Habakkuk.

Habakkuk is a short book in the Bible, written by a man named Habakkuk. He was another prophet. Do you remember what a prophet is? A prophet is someone who talks to God and then tells people what God said.

Habakkuk was around during the time when the Israelites were taken from the promised land. He was very very sad about this and he cried. He talked to God and said, ‘WHY GOD!? These Babylonian people are SO bad! Why would You let this happen?! Why would You let us be taken away from the promised land? Why aren’t you coming to save us!?”

God answered, “The Israelites have disobeyed me. Your hearts are no better than theirs. There will be bad consequences for Israel disobeying me. But don’t worry, they will have bad consequences too.”

Habakkuk then praised God, because he remembered that God is always in control. God can do anything. God always has a plan and we can trust Him. God works on His time, not ours. Sometimes we want something to happen RIGHT NOW, but God says “not yet.” God is always on time to help us. Habakkuk knew that even though the people in Judah were making bad choices and that bad consequences were on the way, that God was in charge.

We can trust God too, to always care for us, to listen to us when we talk to Him, and to always have a perfect plan.

Today we made clocks based on Habukkak 2:2-3


Thanks for joining us. Love to you all!