Joshua at Jericho

Hey all! Today we begin the book of Joshua. Last year’s lesson can be found HERE.

This story is from Joshua 1-5 in the Bible.


If you remember, the Israelites had been wandering around the desert for 40 years on their way to the land God had promised them. It shouldn’t have taken that long, but they had disobeyed and as a consequence weren’t allowed to go there for a loooong time. Moses, their leader, had gotten very old and died and now Joshua (one of the people who DIDN’T disobey God) was in charge.

And finally…it was TIME! Time to go into the promised land!

The Israelites were getting closer to Jericho. Jericho was a strong city surrounded by a HUGE wall. So Joshua sent two men to go check out the city. They met a woman in Jericho named Rahab who helped them. She hid them from the soldiers of Jericho and asked that they would keep her and her family safe when the Israelites take over Jericho. They agreed (and they did keep their promise!) The spies returned to Joshua and they said, “YES! God has given us this land! Let’s go!”

To get to Jericho, the Israelites had to cross a river. God dried it up for them so they could cross, and then once they were across, He let the waters flow again. (Just like how they left Egypt with the parting of the red sea, their journey ended with God parting the waters for them again!) If God asks you to do something, you can be sure He will help make a way–even if it seems like a crazy idea. But walking through water wasn’t God’s only crazy idea for His people.

They soon came to Jericho. The Israelites were supposed to take over this land, but they were scared about the big wall and the big people in the city. They talked about going back to Egypt, or finding a different way to go.

But Joshua reminded the people that God had led them here and He would help them. Joshua prayed (talked) to God and God sent an angel who told him what to do.

The angel told Joshua and the people of Israel to march around the city one time for 6 days. The priests (the guys in charge of the church) were to carry trumpets and then, on the 7th day, all the people would march around the city 7 times and the priests would blow the trumpets. Then everyone would shout really loudly and the walls would fall down.

Sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? “Just walk and then yell and blow the trumpets? Doesn’t God want us to smash the wall? Or kick it? Or shoot cannon balls at it?”

No. God wanted the people to OBEY and TRUST Him. HE would knock the wall down.

So the Israelites obeyed. They marched around the city one time for 6 days and on the 7th day, they marched around 7 times. Then Joshua told the people “Shout! God has given us this land!” The people shouted, the trumpets blasted and the walls fell down. The Israelites ran in and took over the city, defeating all the people who lived there. (Saving Rahab and her family though)

GOD is the one who knocked down the wall. He was showing the people of Israel AND of Jericho that HE is God and we know God can do….ANYTHING! Nothing is too hard for God. No matter how hard something may seem, with God all things are possible. (Matt 19:26). When God has a plan, anything is possible. We only need to TRUST Him and OBEY Him.

We watched the Veggie Tales “Josh and the Big Wall” today.

THIS is another cute video of today’s story from Little Heroes Bible Stories posted by Gold Quill. And THIS is a little video about Rahab who helped the Israeli spies.

THIS is an acapella version of “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho” posted by Keith Lancaster. THIS is the same song but by Cedarmont Kids.


Thanks for joining us again! Love to you all!

Advent-Day 11-Rahab

Hi all.

This month we are learning about God, God’s son Jesus and Jesus’ earthly family tree.

The next person in the family tree is a woman named Rahab. (Story found in Joshua 2) Rahab was NOT an Israelite. She was from Jericho. (Have you heard that name before?) After Moses died, Joshua was in charge of leading the Israelites to the land God promised them. But there was a city called Jericho they had to get through. Jericho had big walls around it and seemed scary to the Israelites.

Joshua sent two spies into the city to see how many soldiers there were and to see how they should break in and take over.

The two spies were helped by a woman named Rahab. She hid them in her house and after the soldiers of Jericho found out some spies were in town, they started searching all over. When they came to Rahab’s house she said, “They came by, but they ran away that way! If you hurry, you can probably catch them!” So the soldiers took off running (but really the spies were hiding on Rahab’s roof!) She let them down with a red rope. She said “I know God has given this land to His people, the Israelites, but since I helped you, please remember my family when you come through and keep us safe!”

The spies thanked her for helping them and they promised if she put the red rope out of her window, they would keep her and her family safe.

When it came time for the Israelites to march around the city and for the walls to fall down, the Israelites made sure Rahab and her family were safe. And Rahab became the great great great grandmother of King David. God used all kinds of people in Jesus’ family tree-even people who weren’t Israelites. Because God doesn’t just love the Israelites, He loves ALL people.

Rahab gave the spies a hiding place. The Bible says God is OUR hiding place. Psalm 32:7 says, “You are my hiding place; You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” When we are scared, we can turn to God and know that He will keep us safe.


Well, after Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem (Luke 2), they started looking for a place to stay. Remember, Mary was just about to have baby Jesus and her tummy was really big and uncomfortable. So Joseph asked at every hotel and house, but because so many people were coming to Bethlehem to be counted, nobody had any beds for them. They sure could have used a hiding place! Next time we will see where they ended up sleeping that night.


Bible story: Rahab

Attribute of God: Hiding Place

Jesus’ birth story: No room to stay


Sie one of our ornament is a red rope made from several strands of red ribbon all taped onto a circle.

Our text reads: Rahab hid the spies. God is our hiding place. Josh 2:1-21, Psalm 32:7


Side two of our ornament, we cut out another circle and wrote “no room”, then we covered it with a circle and a red slash through the middle.

Our text reads: There was no where for Mary and Joseph to stay. Luke 2













Then we taped a string on one side of the ornament and glued the sides together. Then we taped it to our “family tree” on our wall.

Thanks for joining us again. Love to you all!