The Body of Christ

Welcome to June! This month we’ll be studying the teachings of the new testament (romans-jude), essentially “living a Godly life.”

Our first lesson comes from passages in 1 Corinthians 12, 1 Peter 4, and Romans 12.

The Body of Christ:

Your body has many different parts. You have eyes, ears, a nose, a belly, feet, a tummy, a heart, some hair, a mouth and more! All of the parts of your body do different things! Can your eyes touch things like your fingers? Can your belly hear?  Can your feet smell your supper? No no, of course not! God made each part of your body with a special talent (a special thing it was made to do!)

The Bible tells us that all the people who love Jesus Christ work together to serve Him and love others, just like the different parts of a body! Sometimes we are all called “the body of Christ” and God has given each of us some special ways in which we can serve Him and others.

Maybe you are the hands. You can use your hands to give food to people who don’t have any food. Maybe your mommy is a mouth. She loves to sing about God. Maybe your daddy is a heart…he is always caring for other people. Maybe you know some “feet”…or people who are willing to GO to faraway places and tell people about Jesus.

It doesn’t matter what part you are, or how you serve God. The Bible says every part is important. And that means every person who loves God is important and has an important job to do. If God has given you the ability to paint pretty pictures, then do that for Him! If God has made you really good at listening to other people, then listen to them when they are sad. That will help them feel better.

God made you just the way He wanted you to be. And He says you are important. It doesn’t matter how little or how big you are, God wants you to use the things you are good at to worship Him and to love others, everyone works together.

For our craft, we drew a body (you could trace your own child if you had a big enough piece of paper. Hobby Lobby sells paper rolls for $5 that are great for that kind of project, or you could tape a few pieces together, then have your child lie down on the paper while you trace their outline.)

Then we talked about the different parts of our bodies and how we could use them to serve God and others.

Here are our results (lots of pictures today)

IMG_4760 IMG_4761

IMG_4762 IMG_4763

IMG_4764 IMG_4765

I’d love to see what your creations looked like. Feel free to share in the comments. Next time we’ll be talking about acting in love.

Love to you all!