Hi all! Welcome to what (i hope) will be an encouragement and tool to help you teach your little ones about Jesus and His word. I will start with an outline of our year through the Bible. We use the Bible and The Jesus Calling Bible Storybook by Sarah Young for most of our stories. You can find it here:


So…Our year looks like this:

July: Genesis/Exodus

August: Leviticus-Ruth

September: the Kings

October: the songs and prayers

November: the Prophets

December: review of old testament as a leading up to advent and Jesus’ birth

January: Jesus’ life

February: Jesus’ teachings

March: Jesus’ miracles

April: Easter/Jesus’ time on earth after the resurrection

May: life and the Word after Jesus

June: living a Godly life

So as the year progresses…i will share our lessons (a story, craft or activity and applications to go with it). The stories and activities are mainly aimed at toddlers-young elementary…providing a foundation for our children to come to know God and to begin growing in the knowledge of Him. Thanks for journeying with us!

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