Moses (Part 4)-Crossing the Sea

Hi all!

We’ll continue our story of Moses today. (This month of July we are learning the stories from Genesis and Exodus).

Today’s part of the story comes from Exodus 13-14.


After Pharaoh sent the Israelites away, he changed his mind (again!) and was angry that he had let them go.

He rounded up all his soldiers (thousands!) and took off after God’s people. The Israelites had brought their stuff and were moving kind of slow, so it was easy for the Egyptians to catch up.

God led His people with a cloud by day and a fire by night. They could follow the cloud or the fire and know which way to go.

When the Israelites got to a big sea (called the red sea….but it’s regular blue water) they saw the Egyptians and they were scared. They said “Why did God bring us out here?! We would have been better off back in Egypt!”

But God told Moses to raise his hands and lift up his staff (his big stick). That night, the cloud moved from in front of the Israelites, to behind them, in between them and the Egyptians. God made a big wind come and He parted the water. There were two big walls of water on either side on the sea, but a dry path down the middle.

The Israelites walked through the water…water on this side…water on that side…but dry on their feet. Can you imagine?!

Then the cloud moved, and Pharaoh and his men chased after the Israelites. After all God’s people were through, Moses raised his staff again, and the water came crashing down on the Egyptians. They were all washed away.

God protected His people, the people from Abraham, Isaac and then Jacob/Israel. He had promised them that He would bring them back to their land. (They don’t always obey God, but He ALWAYS keeps His promise to them, even when they don’t follow Him. We will see that coming up soon.)

God also promises US life and freedom in Jesus (even if we don’t always make the right choice…God still promises to love and forgive us.)

We didn’t do a craft today, instead we watched “Moe and the Big Exit” by Veggie Tales and we also found this video from the Beginner’s Bible. It actually covers Moses through the 10 Commandments (but minute 21 is where we stop today.)

Thanks for joining us. Love to you all!

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