Moses (Part 6)-Mt Sinai

Hi all! We are finishing up this month of July and our stories from Genesis and Exodus. Today we will continue the story with Moses (there will be two more lessons after this and then next month we’ll be covering leviticus-ruth).

Today’s story comes from Exodus 19-23.

After God saved the Israelites (His people) from the Egyptians, He led them through the desert and provided food and water for them. The people arrived at a mountain called Mt Sinai. God told Moses to come up the mountain and He would give Moses the rules the people needed to follow.


God gave the people rules to keep them safe and help them be more like God. What are some of the rules at your house? Your mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa) make rules to keep you safe and help you be nice to other people.

Moses went up the mountain and a big cloud came and God came and spoke to Moses. He gave him 10 commandments (a commandment is something you MUST do, or something you must NOT do. It’s like an official order.)

(We made another flip book to help us remember the 10 commandments…and as always my disclaimer is that i promote child-created art instead of printables or just coloring in a pre-made shape though you could certainly do that if you wanted)

1. God should be first (He’s number one!)


2. Only worship God, not other things (like statues, or people, toys or money)


3. Use God’s name nicely (don’t say God’s name to be mean to someone else, and don’t be disrespectful when you talk about God)


4. Rest one day a week and worship God. Remember to rest like God did and spend one day each week just focusing on Him.


5. Obey your mom and dad


6. Do not kill other people


7. Keep your marriage promises. When grownups get married, they promise to take care of each other and to love each other. They promise to help each other no matter what. God wants people to know how important it is to keep those promises, just like He always keeps His promises to us.

(also, i should mention i used the phrasing “keep your marriage promises” from the jesus calling storybook Bible for this one)

We drew two wedding rings for this one
We drew two wedding rings for this one

8. Do not steal (stealing is when you take things that aren’t yours) It’s ok to borrow something from a friend if you plan to give it back, but stealing is when you take it forever or leave a store without paying for the things you took.


9. Do not lie. A lie is when you say something that didn’t really happen. We need to always say what really happened, that’s call the truth.


10. Do not covet. That means wanting things other people have. The Bible says we need to be happy and thankful for all the things God has given us.


After God gave Moses these commandments, He also gave him some other rules. They basically tell us to love God and love others. Those are the two most important things God wants us to do. Love God, Love others.


Moses talked with God for 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain, then he came back down to tell the people all the rules God had given them.

Do you think the people will obey the rules? We’ll see soon!

Thanks for joining us today! Love to you all!

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