Hi all! Welcome to August! This month we’ll be learning about some of the next books in the Bible, Leviticus-Ruth.

Today we’ll be doing an overview of the book of the Leviticus. (This will be our only day on Leviticus. Since the purpose of this blog is to introduce little ones to the Bible, a general idea of Leviticus is all we’ll be covering. )


Do you remember Jacob? And his son Joseph? Well Jacob had 12 sons and they became the tribes (or families) of the Israelites. These 12 tribes followed Moses out of Egypt and followed God through the desert to the land He promised them.

One of the families was called the Levites. These were the people who served in the church. God gave Moses, the Levites and all the people some special rules in the book called Leviticus.

The Levites had very special instructions on how to worship God and how to serve in the church. The people also had very special rules for how to follow God.

God chose the Israelites to be His special people, different from everyone else. This is called Holiness. God is Holy. He is set apart from all other things. He is the most special and He is perfect.

God wanted to use these people, the Israelites as a display of His holiness. He wanted to show the world an example of His perfectness (perfection).

Now that God had chosen the Israelites, He wanted them to live perfectly, differently from everyone else. They had to be perfectly clean. If they weren’t clean…like if they were sick or dirty, they had to leave the people for a while, come back, make sacrifices and one of the priests had to say it was ok for them to come back. This was an example of God’s perfection and how only perfect things can be with God.

When we sin (make bad choices), it keeps us from God because He is perfect and we can only be with God is WE are perfect too. The people had to make a sacrifice (like a sheep) to be forgiven and perfect again in God’s eyes.

BUT….nobody is perfect all the time…except Jesus. When Jesus came, He was perfect and He died for us as a sacrifice for all time. We can be clean before God because Jesus died for us.

We are still supposed to be Holy…different from everyone else. We are different because we make choices that make God happy. We are supposed to do the right thing and live in a way that makes other people see God and His holiness.

That is all for today. We’ll start in the book of Numbers tomorrow. Love to you all!

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