Hi all. Today is sort of an interim lesson. Not an exact story per se…but this month we are learning stories from Leviticus-Ruth. Today bridges the gap between stories and gives a highlight of some of Deuteronomy.

Moses had been leading the people from Egypt, through the wilderness and for 40 years God was leading His people as a cloud by day and a fire by night. The people had disobeyed and didn’t trust God so they had to wait until all the people God took out of Egypt had died, and then only their kids and grandkids would go into the land God had promised them. (And Caleb and Joshua, two men who had honored and obeyed God).

The Israelites (God’s people) had traveled a long way and had had to fight a lot of different people. When they trusted God, they won. When they did things their own way, they did not win. But finally, the time was nearing for God to bring His people into the promised land.

Moses was very old. He reminded the people of all God had told them. He reminded them to love God with all their hearts and souls and strength and minds.


He reminded them that they don’t have to be afraid, because God will always be with them.


He also reminded the people to obey God in all they do.


Moses died in the desert and Joshua was put in charge of all the people. Next time we will begin to learn the stories from the book of Joshua, when God’s people FINALLY get to enter the land He promised them.

Thanks for joining us, love to you all!

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