David and Mephibosheth

Hi all, welcome!

Today’s story comes from 2 Samuel 9.

When David became king after Saul died, most people thought he would kill the rest of Saul’s family (so everyone would KNOW HE was the real king).

But David remembered His promise to Saul’s son, Jonathan. David and Jonathan had been best friends and they had promised to always take care of each other and each others’ families.

So when David became king, he asked if there was anyone left from Saul and Jonathan’s family. And there was!

There was a man named Mephibosheth. (Meh-fib-oh-sheh-th). Mephibosheth had an accident when he was little and his legs were hurt and he couldn’t walk. When he came to David, he was probably pretty scared, but David took him in and welcomed him.

He said Mephibosheth could keep all of Saul’s land (instead of the king taking it). He also said his own servants would take care of the land for Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth would eat with the king and be like someone from David’s own family.

David didn’t always make good choices, but this was a very good choice. He took care of someone who needed help, he remembered his promises and he was kind and generous (which means giving good things). All of these things make God happy. We can also take share our things and take care of others. That way we can show God’s love to those around us.

For our craft we cut out David and Mephibosheth (in retrospect I would not have made king David green as he now resembles the Statue of Liberty :0P) then we used popsicle sticks for crutches for Mephibosheth.

image   image

Thanks for joining us today! Love to you all!

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