Advent 2015

Welcome back, all! As we are entering the month of December, we are preparing to begin our month of advent, or eagerly awaiting the Lord. Of course now He is here! So we will review this month the stories of the old testament, our need for a savior, the attributes of God and of course, the story of His earthly birth.


Each day will have an old testament story, an attribute of God and a snippet of the birth story that all correlate, along with a craft/ornament. We will assemble all of our ornaments onto one big tree. I will post our study each day, but below is the general outline. I hope you’ll join us this month. (This year will look a bit different, but i will include a couple of pictures from last year’s advent calendar of Bible stories we made.)


You can download a printable excel version here:








Looking forward to December. Love to you all!

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