Advent-Day 24-Waiting for the Messiah

Welcome back! As we finish out our advent calendar (this lesson and tomorrow’s) we have now learned about many of the people of Jesus’ direct family line and His extended family (the Israelites). We have learned a lot of things about God and we’ve learned the story of when Jesus was born.

The Bible is separated into two parts. Everything before Jesus and everything after Jesus was born. But between the time the 1st part (old testament) stops and the 2nd part (new testament) begins, there is some empty space.

400 years passed between the last written words of the old testament and when Jesus was born.

There are no books written for those 400 years, but it doesn’t mean God wasn’t there. He was always working, and listening to His people–He still is. God’s timing is perfect. He sent Jesus just went He meant to. There are no new books of the Bible being written today, but of course we know God is still alive and working and loving us!

During that time, a bunch of different people took turns trying to take over and be in charge of the Israelites (Persians, Syrians, Greeks and Romans). When the new testament picks up, the Romans are kind of 1/2 in charge of the Israelites…they have their own leaders, but the Romans are in charge of them too.

The people were VERY ready for this new king to come! They thought an earthly king would come and get rid of the Romans (and anyone else who tried to take over). But we know Jesus really came to claim the Israelites’ hearts.

Also, some of the leaders of the church made up more and more rules. They made it very hard for the people to follow God. There were so many rules and the leaders thought they were much better than everyone else. The people felt kind of trapped! (Jesus would come help them and show them it’s not hard to love God!)

Now you know how excited the people were! They were stuck under a lot of different leaders…and they were eager for the new king.

Jesus didn’t come to be an earthly king, though…He came for their hearts. He wanted to show the people how much God loved them. And He wants US to know how much He loves us! As you remember Jesus this Christmas, think about all He is and all He has given for us. And if you believe in Jesus and what He has done for you, then ask Him to be YOUR Lord. Ask Him to take your heart too.

Bible story: the 400 “silent” years

Attribute of God: His timing is perfect

Jesus’ birth story: a much awaited Messiah


Side one of our ornament today is a clock. We drew on the hands and numbers (but you could use number stickers and even a brad to make moving hands).

Our text reads: God waits–His timing is perfect!IMG_0722

Side two of our ornament is a heart.

Our text reads: Jesus was desired and wanted. Romans 8, Matt 2IMG_0721

Thanks for joining us again. Tomorrow is our last day and we will finish our advent tree. Love to you all!

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