Solomon Part 2

Hi all! For lack of a better title, today we’ll be learning about King Solomon, part 2.

This is taken from 1 Kings 4-11.

King Solomon as you remember asked God for one thing: wisdom. So he could understand things and make good choices and be a good leader for Israel (God’s people).

God was happy with Solomon’s choice and He gave him great wisdom. The people were so impressed with all the things Solomon knew that many many people came to visit him and they brought lots of money and presents to Solomon.

Solomon built a big fancy palace (like a castle) for himself. He also built a house for God (called a temple). God told them exactly how to build it and it took TWENTY years to finish. Just like the big tent (tabernacle) God’s spirit had lived in, in the desert; this temple had a front part and a special back part where God’s spirit lived. The ark of covenant (the special box with the 10 commandments) was placed in the back special part and only the leader priest could go there once a year. Everybody else worshipped God in the front part of the temple. (Later, when Jesus died, all of the temple would be opened to EVERYONE!)

Solomon asked God to listen to the people if they made a mistake. He asked God to forgive them and bless them. God said He would. Now when we pray, the Bible says Jesus sits with God and He talks to God and asks God to forgive us and bless us. Jesus is our helper and friend.

God told Solomon that as long as he obeyed God, that Israel would do well and that someone from Solomon’s family would always be king.

But Solomon, like all people, made mistakes sometimes. Solomon had a lot of wives. And a lot of his wives worshipped other “gods” like statues or pictures of other pretend gods. Solomon let them worship these pretend gods and he even built some statues and some small places for them to worship. God was not happy. God is the only REAL God and Solomon and the other people should ONLY worship Him.

God told Solomon because he had disobeyed that Israel was in trouble. A small part of the country and some of the people would be ok, but most of it was going to be taken away.

When Solomon died, his son Rehoboam became king and we will learn more about what happens next tomorrow.

Solomon did some great things. He built a very fancy and strong house for God. He was very wise and gave Israel a lot of money and built a big palace. But he also made some bad choices and disobeyed God. And there were some bad consequences because he disobeyed.

For our craft today, we drew the palace, the temple and the idols to help us remember Solomon’s story.



Thanks for joining us today. Love to you all!


King Solomon’s Wisdom

Hi all! We took a break last week to move! Now we’re back.

Today’s story comes from 1 Kings 3. I did not do a craft today with the kids, but i did use some of our toys to tell this story (works better with some visuals i think).


King David was getting old and almost ready to die. He told his son Solomon that he would be the next king. King David told Solomon to always obey God and do the right thing.

Some of Solomon’s brothers wanted to be king instead and even tried to fight him, but God made Solomon king.

Solomon tried to honor God and do the right thing. One night, while he was sleeping, God came to him in a dream and said, “If you could ask me for anything, what would you want?”

(If YOU could have ANYTHING what would YOU want?)

Do you know what Solomon said? He said he wanted wisdom. Wisdom is being able to understand things and make really good choices. A good king has to be wise to be a good leader for his people. He has to know how to help them and how to help them settle their fights when they are fussing.

God was so happy that Solomon had asked for wisdom and not something like money or a lot of toys. So God said, yes, Solomon WOULD be wise.

The people were so impressed with everything Solomon knew and how he could figure things out and help people.

One day, there were two mommies. They each had a new baby and they lived in the same house. When they went to bed, one of the babies died. That mommy went over to the other mommy and she switched the babies! So in the morning, the other mommy said, “oh no! my baby is dead! wait….this isn’t my baby? THAT one is my baby!”

But the first mommy said, “No! This is MY baby!”

They argued and argued and finally came to king Solomon who listened to their story. He had an idea. He called for a soldier with a sword to come. He told the soldier to cut the baby in half and give each mommy part of the baby. The real mommy could not, would not let them cut her baby into two pieces so she said, “NO! The other mommy can have him, just don’t hurt him!”

Solomon knew that THAT was the real mommy. A real mommy would never let anyone hurt her baby.

God was so pleased that Solomon wanted to do a good job and be a good king. The Bible tells us that when we ask God to help us make good choices, He will! He listens when we talk to Him and He wants us to help us do the right thing.

Thanks for joining us today! Love to you all!