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Today’s lesson is from Genesis 1-2:2.

Today we made a book. To see our craft from last year see HERE.

So we started by using a big dinner plate and some 12 x 12 card stock. (You could also use a smaller plate and some construction paper. Yours doesn’t even have to be a circle book, it could be regular paper. The front of our book says “Creation Book, Genesis 1” (not pictured). We used a hold punch and some ring clips to hold our book together but you could use string to tie it together or just staple the pages if you like. (You can purchase ring clips at office supply stores or Amazon.)

For our books, we can sing them to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

Our song can be found here.

For the first page we traced our plate on a white and black piece of paper and cut them each in half. Then we taped the 1/2 together. On the back of our cover page we wrote “On the first day of creation God made: DARKNESS and LIGHT and God saw that IT WAS GOOD.”



For the next day we took a piece of light blue paper and scribbled some clouds (our white wasn’t showing up, so we made blue clouds.) You could also paint or use cotton balls for your clouds. We used tissue paper scraps for our water. Again, you could use any material you like to be the water.

Our text is now written on the back of the darkness and light page and it reads “On the second day of creation God made: WATER and SKY”

So for our song we sing, “On the second day of creation God made: WATER and SKY, *flip back to first page* DARKNESS and LIGHT, and God saw that it was GOOD.


The next page we used a blue circle and some green patterned paper (which is showing up yellow in the picture). Then we took some popsicle sticks to be trees and I had some Hawaiian flowers from an old lei. You could also just color on some trees and flowers, or use some from your yard.

Our text/song here goes “On the third day of creation God made: LAND and PLANTS, *back to page 2* WATER and SKY, *back to page 1* DARKNESS and LIGHT, and God saw that it was GOOD.”IMG_6278

Next is day 4. We used dark blue paper and glue with glitter to make some shimmery galaxies. I also had some sticky-backed foam stars which you can get at any craft store. I think mine were from Hobby Lobby.

Now the song goes: “On the fourth day of creation God made: SUN, MOON, and STARS, LAND and PLANTS, WATER and SKY, DARKNESS and LIGHT, and God saw that it was GOOD.”


For the next day we took two pieces of colored paper (for this you can use any color you’d like–we chose purple and orange to spice things up). We did the top half in feathers and the bottom half in scales. I had these foam handprints that we layered to make fish scales, but you could use tissue paper, any kind of small circles, some goldfish crackers, or just draw some fish and birds if you like.

Now the text/song says: “On the fifth day of creation, God made: BIRDS and FISH, SUN, MOON, and STARS, LAND and PLANTS, WATER and SKY, DARKNESS and LIGHT, and God saw that it was GOOD.”


For the next day we just took a yellow piece of paper (you could use brown, pink, or whatever color you like) and added some googly eyes and then drew the rest of the facial features on. You could also add some yarn or ribbon for hair.

Now if we read our book, flipping back for each page, it says, “On the sixth day of creation, God made: ANIMALS and PEOPLE, BIRDS and FISH, SUN, MOON, and STARS, LAND and PLANTS, WATER and SKY, DARKNESS and LIGHT, and God saw that it was GOOD.”


Almost there! For the seventh day we just drew some sleepy Zzzzzzzs. You could draw someone sleeping, cut pictures from a magazine of someone sleeping…maybe even print out a picture of YOUR child sleeping.

The song continues: “On the seventh day of creation God took a REST, He made ANIMALS and PEOPLE, BIRDS and FISH, SUN, MOON, and STARS, LAND and PLANTS, WATER and SKY, DARKNESS and LIGHT, and God saw that it was GOOD.”


Lastly, we added a back to our book and on that page we added an extra “And God saw that IT WAS GOOD!”


It’s a really craft-heavy lesson, but the kids enjoyed making these books and singing the song all afternoon so I think it will be a great way to remember all the wonderful things God made.



Thanks for joining us. Hope you have fun with this one! Love to you all!

God was.

Hi all! Welcome back!

We are back to July and back to the beginning of the Bible!

Today’s lesson is from Genesis 1 and John 1. The word Genesis means “start.” The book of Genesis is the start of the Bible. But it’s not the start of God…


Do you know the very first thing the Bible says? It says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” That means before anything else was ever made…God WAS. When was God made? He never was! Isn’t that hard to think about? God always has been and always will be. (Sometimes that makes my brain hurt to think about!) (Psalm 90:2, Isaiah 41:4, 1 Timothy 1:17, Revelation 10:6, Psalm 102:25, Isaiah 44:6)

God made the heavens and the earth…God made EVERYTHING.

That same very first verse tells us God’s Spirit was there and John 1 says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.  Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made.” That verse is talking about Jesus.

God has three parts–God the father, God’s Spirit and God’s son Jesus. God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit were all there at the beginning. This is called the trinity. But that doesn’t mean there are three Gods…it’s all the same God…but He has three ways to show Himself. (This can be a tricky concept, even for grown ups sometimes!)


Here is our song for this lesson. 

HERE is a song posted by Ryan Folken.

THIS VIDEO is from What’s in the Bible (from the makers of veggie tales–love their material!!)

You can also check out THIS VIDEO which has a demonstration of the trinity from Kid Nation Ministries.

In the beginning, God was. Nothing came before God. God is the first, He made everything else. God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit always have been and always will be. And next time we will learn about the things God made.

For our craft today, we used black construction paper and oil pastels (but really you could use any medium you’d like.) I wrote out “in the beginning GOD was. Gen 1:1” I made the letters for GOD to be bubble letters and the kids filled them in.


My son added a pizza inside the “O” of God because pizza is one of his favorite things God made haha.


Thanks for joining us, we look forward to studying through the Bible again and hope you’ll join us for the year! Love to you all!

In the Beginning

Hello friends!

Welcome to a new year through the Bible! This month of July, we’ll be learning the stories from Genesis and Exodus in the Bible.

This story comes from the 1st two chapters of the Bible, Genesis 1 and 2.

In the beginning…there was God.

God said “let there be light!” And there was. He separated the light from the dark and called the light “day” and the dark “night.” He saw that it was good. That was the 1st day.

On the second day, God separated the waters, so there was sky and seas. God saw that it was good. That was day 2.

On the third day, God made dry land and separated it from the seas. He made plants and trees and flowers, landscapes, and habitats. God saw that it was good. That was day 3.

On the fourth day, God placed the stars in the sky, to separate light from darkness and to distinguish day from night. God saw that it was good. That was day 4.

On the 5th day, God created birds and fish. God saw that it was good. That was day 5.

On the 6th day, God created all land animals. God saw that it was good. Then He made man in His own image…which means He made man to be like Him. He also made woman (which we’ll discuss more tomorrow) He gave them power over all the land and other creatures. God saw that it was good. That was day 6.

On the 7th day, God rested. He saw that everything He had made was good and He set that last day apart, as a day to rest.

We made 7 days of creation for our craft.

IMG_5753  IMG_5755


Day 1: Light and Dark

Day 2: Water and Sky (we used cotton balls for clouds and drew on the waves of the seas)

Day 3: Land and vegetation (we glued some craft leaves and flowers)

Day 4: Stars and Heavens (We sponge painted some planets and stars and used glitter glue for some extra sparkle and shine)

Day 5: Birds and Fishes (We used tissue paper for feathers since we were out today, but certainly feathers would be a good choice. Then we made fish scales from some craft hula flowers…you could also draw scales, use goldfish crackers, or bubble wrap to paint a scale-like pattern on your fish.)

Day 6: Animals and Man (For this, we cut out pictures from magazines of people and animals….and yes, elmo)

Day 7: God rested (We put one picture of a sleeping baby and added some “z”s…and in my best Pete the Cat voice “it’s allllll good.”


Here is our song version of the days of creation.

From the Gospel Project, here’s the whole story in 4 minutes.

The Beginner Bible for Kids has this half-hour video (we only watched the 1st part because we’ll do the next part tomorrow).

Creation song from the CD “The King, the Snake, and the Promise”

And lastly, this one only has written words, but would be good to learn for a church class.

Thanks for joining us today. Be sure to “follow” to get updates of the lessons each day and thanks for joining us as we learn the Bible this year! Love to you all!