In the Beginning

Hello friends!

Welcome to a new year through the Bible! This month of July, we’ll be learning the stories from Genesis and Exodus in the Bible.

This story comes from the 1st two chapters of the Bible, Genesis 1 and 2.

In the beginning…there was God.

God said “let there be light!” And there was. He separated the light from the dark and called the light “day” and the dark “night.” He saw that it was good. That was the 1st day.

On the second day, God separated the waters, so there was sky and seas. God saw that it was good. That was day 2.

On the third day, God made dry land and separated it from the seas. He made plants and trees and flowers, landscapes, and habitats. God saw that it was good. That was day 3.

On the fourth day, God placed the stars in the sky, to separate light from darkness and to distinguish day from night. God saw that it was good. That was day 4.

On the 5th day, God created birds and fish. God saw that it was good. That was day 5.

On the 6th day, God created all land animals. God saw that it was good. Then He made man in His own image…which means He made man to be like Him. He also made woman (which we’ll discuss more tomorrow) He gave them power over all the land and other creatures. God saw that it was good. That was day 6.

On the 7th day, God rested. He saw that everything He had made was good and He set that last day apart, as a day to rest.

We made 7 days of creation for our craft.

IMG_5753  IMG_5755


Day 1: Light and Dark

Day 2: Water and Sky (we used cotton balls for clouds and drew on the waves of the seas)

Day 3: Land and vegetation (we glued some craft leaves and flowers)

Day 4: Stars and Heavens (We sponge painted some planets and stars and used glitter glue for some extra sparkle and shine)

Day 5: Birds and Fishes (We used tissue paper for feathers since we were out today, but certainly feathers would be a good choice. Then we made fish scales from some craft hula flowers…you could also draw scales, use goldfish crackers, or bubble wrap to paint a scale-like pattern on your fish.)

Day 6: Animals and Man (For this, we cut out pictures from magazines of people and animals….and yes, elmo)

Day 7: God rested (We put one picture of a sleeping baby and added some “z”s…and in my best Pete the Cat voice “it’s allllll good.”


Here is our song version of the days of creation.

From the Gospel Project, here’s the whole story in 4 minutes.

The Beginner Bible for Kids has this half-hour video (we only watched the 1st part because we’ll do the next part tomorrow).

Creation song from the CD “The King, the Snake, and the Promise”

And lastly, this one only has written words, but would be good to learn for a church class.

Thanks for joining us today. Be sure to “follow” to get updates of the lessons each day and thanks for joining us as we learn the Bible this year! Love to you all!

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