The Lost Sheep

Hi all! Welcome! This month we are learning about the things Jesus taught. Today’s story is another parable (a story meant to teach us something).

The verses for today’s lesson can be found in the Bible in Luke 15:1-7 and John 10:1-16.

One day the Pharisees and some other people who didn’t like Jesus were complaining about Him eating with sinners and bad people, so Jesus told them a story.

A lot of people back then took care of sheep, so everyone who heard this story would know that a shepherd works hard to take care of his sheep. He gives them food and water and protects them from coyotes or wolves…even if he gets hurt or dies while fighting them off. A good shepherd loves his sheep and knows them all.

“Once there was a shepherd who had a hundred sheep whom He loved and he lost one of them. He left the ninety-nine other sheep in the open country and went after the lost sheep until he found it! And when he found it, he joyfully put it on his shoulders and took the little sheep home. Then he called his friends and neighbors together and said, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who asks God to forgive them, than over ninety-nine people who do not need to repent.”

Jesus also said in the book of John, “A good shepherd calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought his sheep out, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—just as my Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.”

Jesus was saying that He takes care of us and is even willing to die for us (and He did! on the cross for our sins!) He knows us by name and if we are really His, we will know Him and listen to Him. And how do we know what Jesus says? How do we know His voice? By praying and reading His words to us from the Bible! He gave us the Bible as His voice.

Jesus then told the Pharisees and others, “I have other sheep that are not with me yet. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.” Jesus was saying there are more people who need to learn about Him! And when they learn and accept Jesus into THEIR hearts, it’s like one big family, and He promises to take care of all of us! We can help tell others and bring them to God!

Jesus is our good shepherd. He takes care of us, He keeps our hearts safe from Satan who tries to keep us away from God. He provides what we need and He loves us and knows us by name. He even died to save us from being apart from God forever! He leads us and tells us what we should do in the Bible. We can listen to His words, follow Him and trust Him. He IS a good, good shepherd.

For our craft today we made little sheep out of paper plates. We used a black circle of construction paper and two u-shaped pieces of black construction paper; some googly eyes, a pom pom nose and cotton balls.

Our text reads: Jesus the good shepherd, Luke 15, John 10

This is a video of the Parable of the Lost sheep posted by Sabbath School.

This video is called the Baa Baa song posted by Sibling Harmony.

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The blind will see…

Hi all! This month we are learning about the miracles Jesus did. A miracle is something that shouldn’t be able to happen, but God makes it happen, because God can do ANYTHING!


Today’s story is from John 9.

One day as Jesus went along, He saw a man who had been blind his whole life. He was asking people for money because he couldn’t see to work.

Jesus’ disciples asked him, “Teacher, did this man or his parents do something bad that God made him blind?”

“No, neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

After saying this, He spit on the ground, made some mud, and put it on the man’s eyes.

(We used play-doh to illustrate this part)

“Go,” He told him, “wash off your eyes.” And when the man washed off his eyes, then he could see!

All the people in the town said “Isn’t this the same blind man who used to sit and beg for money?”

Some said “Yes! It’s him!”

Others said, “No, he only looks like him.”

But he insisted, “I am the man! And now I can see!”

“How were your eyes opened?” they asked.

He replied, “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see!”

“Where is Jesus?” they asked him.

“I don’t know,” he said.

They brought him to the Pharisees who were not happy that Jesus had healed the man on the sabbath (the day of rest). “He must be a sinner, someone who disobeys God’s rules!”

But others asked, “How can a sinner do such amazing things?!” So they were divided.

They still did not believe that he had been blind and had received his sight until they sent for the man’s parents. They even asked them if this really was their blind boy! They had a LOT of questions for the mom dad and man who had been healed and he said, “All I know is, I was blind but now I see! We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the Godly person who does his will. Nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind. This HAS to be the work of God.”

But some of the Pharisees didn’t want to believe it. They called the man a sinner and told him to leave the city!

Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, and when he found him, he said, “Do you believe in Me?”

Then the man said, “Yes, Lord, I believe,” and he worshiped him.

Jesus said, “I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.”

When Jesus was talking about blindness this time, He wasn’t talking about their eyes. He was talking about their hearts. He was saying He came to show God to everyone. Some people would open the eyes of their heart and love God and some people would stay “blind” and not see the real God.

The Pharisees didn’t really want to see God. They wanted to follow the rules and get all the trophies for being the best at following rules. But they didn’t see Jesus. They didn’t really see that what God wants even more than for us to follow the rules, is that He wants us to LOVE Him and LOVE others. That is how we REALLY obey God.

The Pharisees were supposed to know what the Bible says better than anyone. But they didn’t really do what God wanted, so He called them “blind.” And the man who could now see believed in Jesus and so he could see with his eyes AND his heart.

Here is a video posted by SabbathSchool.

This video features Celtic Women singing “Amazing Grace.”

And this video is a kid’s version of “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord” posted by GodsKidsWorship.

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Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

Hi all! This month we are learning about the miracles Jesus did! A miracle is something that shouldn’t be able to happen, but God makes it happen, because God can do ANYTHING!

Today’s story is from John 11.

Lazarus was Mary and Martha’s brother. (Remember the story where Martha was so busy cleaning and upset that Mary wouldn’t help, but Jesus said it was better to be still and be with Him, than be busy doing other things?)

So the sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, Lazarus is very sick.”

When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, he is sick for God’s glory and God’s Son will be glorified through it.” Jesus waited two days and then went to see them all.


Jesus told His disciples, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.”

His disciples said, “Lord, if he’s just asleep, he will wake up?!” Jesus really knew that Lazarus had already died, but the disciples didn’t understand that yet. So then he told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead, and for your sake I am glad I was not there, because now when we go, you will believe in My power.”
When Jesus got there, He found out that Lazarus had already been buried for four days. A lot of people had come to Martha and Mary to help them feel better because they were so sad Lazarus had died.

“Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “If you had been here, my brother would not have died….But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.”

Jesus said to her, “Your brother will live again. I AM the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even though they die, and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

“Yes, Lord,” she replied, “I believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God!” (Jesus said that if we believe in Him, even when our body dies, we will still live forever in heaven with Him!)

Martha told Mary that Jesus was there and she rushed out to see Him. All the people with her rushed out too.

When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died!” It made Jesus very sad to see His friends so sad, and even though He knew Lazarus would live again, He still cried with them.

Then Jesus went to the tomb. (After someone’s body died, they used to wrap the body up like a mummy and then put them in a tomb…kind of like a cave and it usually had a big stone like a door).
“Take away the stone,” Jesus said.

“But, Lord,” said Martha, “his body has been in there 4 days…it probably STINKS by now?!”

Then Jesus prayed, “Father, I thank You that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that You sent me.”

Then Jesus called in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus got up and walked out. He was wrapped like a mummy and Jesus said to them, “Take off those strips of fabric and let him go.”

Many people believed in Jesus that day. God is the ONLY one with power over life and death. And Jesus (part of God, God’s son) has that power as well. The people now KNEW that Jesus was God’s son. And they knew He had the power to do ANYTHING, even bring someone back to life.

(Some of the people were NOT happy though. Like the pharisees and some of the other leaders. They started to come up with a plan to kill Jesus. But Jesus knew about this and went away for a while with His disciples.)


For our craft today, we cut out a man, and a cave. We glued the cave on first and drew a door. Then we glued on our man (Lazarus) and drew a face on him. Then we added strips of cut up fabric. Then we drew Jesus and our text reads: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. John 11


Thanks for joining us again. Love to you all!


Jesus walks on water

Hi again!

This month we are learning about the miracles Jesus did! A miracle is something that shouldn’t be able to happen, but God makes it happen, because God can do anything!

Today’s story can be found in Matt 14:22-36, Mark 6: 45-56, and John 6:16-21.

After Jesus fed all the people from the loaves and fishes, it was night and Jesus sent the disciples ahead in their boats. They started to cross the Sea of Galilee and Jesus stayed behind to pray.

Well, it started to rain…and rain and RAIN! There were BIG waves and crashing lightning and thunder. Their boats were rocked and tossed and the disciples were soaking wet and trying really hard to not let their boats sink. They worked and worked for hours through the storm, when suddenly, in the darkest part of night, they looked through the rain and saw something coming towards them.

“It’s a ghost!” they said. They were SO scared.

Jesus answered, “Don’t be afraid. It is I!” Jesus was walking toward them on the water!

Then Peter said,  “I think it’s Jesus!….Jesus! If that’s You, tell me to come to you on the water.”

So Jesus said, “Come.”

Peter stepped out of the boat and started walking on the water, just like Jesus was! Then Peter started to look around at the rain and waves and he got scared, and started to sink into the water.

He got scared again and yelled out, “Jesus! Save me!”

Jesus helped him right away and then said, “Why were you ever scared? Did you think I wouldn’t help you?”

Jesus helped Peter back into the boat and the disciples said, “Wow. You REALLY ARE God’s son!” They all worshipped Jesus and they now knew for SURE that Jesus really was God’s son.


At first the disciples didn’t recognize Jesus …because they never thought He might be walking on the water to them?! We can remember that God is ALWAYS here with us. Even if things seem scary like the storm, we know Jesus will come and be with us (and sometimes we will see Him work in unexpected ways!)

Peter was the first one to recognize Jesus and he believed in Jesus’ power and started walking on the water with Jesus. When we trust in Jesus’ power, He will help us do amazing things.

But then Peter got scared and Jesus was RIGHT there to help him up again. Sometimes it’s easy to think about other things and forget that we NEED God’s help. But HE is always there to help us again.

And lastly, the disciples knew Jesus was God’s son. He controlled the rain and waves…He was stronger and more powerful.  God will always come to help us and He can do ANYTHING.


For our craft today, we drew a picture of this story.

Our text reads: Jesus walks on water. We can trust Jesus! Matt 14


We found this video posted by Teaching Kids about Jesus.

And here is a peppy song by Church Strengthening Ministries.


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Jesus feeds the 5000

Hi all!

This month we are learning about the miracles Jesus did! A miracle is something that shouldn’t be able to happen, but God makes it happen because God can do ANYTHING!


Today’s story can be found in Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9, and John 6.

By now, Jesus was pretty popular and lots of people wanted to come listen to Him teach. One day, over 5000 people came to listen to Him. (Thats a LOT of people!) Jesus taught them all day about God, from breakfast until dinner time and by then, the people were HUNGRY!

The disciples (Jesus’ helpers) came to Jesus and said, “Um…you should probably let the people go home now…they’re pretty hungry.”

But Jesus said, “Find something for them to eat.”

“But Jesus?!” they answered. “We don’t have enough food for ALL these people?! And we can’t just buy food?! Do you know how much money it would take to buy food for ALL these people!?”

Andrew, one of the disciples said, “Jesus? We found a boy with some food. It’s only 2 small fish and 5 rolls of bread…but how we can share that with so many people?”

Jesus told all the people to sit down. He prayed to God and thanked Him for the food. Then He started taking the bread and fish, and He broke them into pieces and started handing them out to the disciples to give to the people. And the pieces kept coming…and coming…and coming…and soon EVERYONE had eaten! It was a miracle, Jesus made the food keep coming until everyone had enough AND they went and got the leftovers and they had 12 basketfuls left over!

**(12 is a common Biblical number, [e.g. the 12 tribes, the 12 disciples], and is often described as one of the “perfect” numbers of the Bible symbolizing completeness. The number 12 is often used when God’s power and authority are on display.)

Andrew knew Jesus could take care of the people’s hunger and WE know that Jesus will take care of our needs too. (1 Peter 5:7, Matt 6:25-34, Heb 4:16, Phil 4:6-8).

Jesus took care of the people and He will take care of us too!

For our craft today, we used do-a-dot markers to make a lot of faces, then we drew eyes, noses and mouths on the people. We cut out a basket from brown construction paper and glued pieces of yellow paper (bread) and goldfish crackers to the basket.

Our text reads: Jesus feeds the 5000. Mt 14, Mark 6, Luke 9, John 6



Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!

Jesus turns water into wine

Hi all! Welcome to February. This month we’ll be learning all about the amazing miracles Jesus performed!

Do you know what a miracle is? A miracle is something that shouldn’t be able to happen…but GOD makes it happen! Like when God helped Moses part the sea so the people of Israel could walk through. Or when God kept Daniel safe in the lion’s den. The lions SHOULD have eaten him, but God closed their mouths. Jesus did a LOT of miracles, He made sick people better, He talked to storms, He even raised people back to life who had died.


Our first story is the first miracle Jesus performed. (From John 2)

When Jesus was just starting to go around teaching, He and His disciples were invited to a party…a wedding. Jesus’ mommy Mary was there too. There were a lot of people at this party and they were all drinking wine. (Everyone drank wine back then). During the party, she pulled Jesus to the side and said, “Jesus! They don’t have any more wine to drink!” What if you had a party at your house and didn’t have any drinks for your guests?! She said, “YOU have to do something!”

But Jesus said, “Why are you bringing ME into this?!”

But Mary didn’t pay attention and she found the helpers at the party and said, “Here…do whatever He says.”

Jesus told them to get some of the big BIG jars they had sitting to the side. Then He told them to fill the jars with water. Then He told one of the helpers to take some of the water to person in charge of the party. When the helper took the water, he gave it to the person in charge and when he tasted it, he said, “THIS is good wine!” WHAT?! It was now wine! The person in charge didn’t know it had just been water…but the helper did! It was enough wine for EVERYONE and probably LOTS left over!

All the helpers and Jesus’ disciples knew He had changed the water into wine and they were amazed! The disciples really knew Jesus was very special and they believed in Him because of this miracle. Jesus took something and made it better. He showed His disciples His power and His graciousness in helping. He took something ordinary and gave it a new life…like He does with us!

For our craft today, we made water into wine pictures.

For this we took a piece each of green, white and purple construction paper. We cut a U shape out of the middle of the green paper.


Then we drew and cut out a semi circle from the white and purple and a triangle-ish from the white.


Then we put glue on each of the semi circles and put a string between them and pressed them together.


We glued our string down on the back of our paper (you could just use tape)


Then on the front, we glued our white triangle (like the bottom of a wine cup)

Our text reads: Jesus turned the water into wine. John 2


The string allowed us to turn from the white to the purple (to make it look like the water is turning into wine).




Thanks for joining us, Love to you all!

Jesus ruffles feathers

Hi all!

Today’s story is a combination of things, we’ll focus on John 6/7 and 10/11 today.


Many people LOVED Jesus. They all wanted to hear Him teach. They knew He could do AMAZING things and that He LOVED people. People believed in Him and followed Him.


But not everybody. Some people were NOT happy about Jesus. Remember the pharisees? They were the teachers who thought they were SOOOOO perfect…but even though they knew every.word. in the Bible…they didn’t REALLY know God’s love. They didn’t OBEY God’s word by loving other people. So Jesus often told them they were going to be in trouble if they didn’t start obeying God. Well they didn’t want to be told they were WRONG?! They were always looking for ways to trick Jesus into saying something bad…but they never quite could.

Also, everyone called Jesus the KING (they thought He would a “real” king like sit ohm a throne and be the leader of Israel.) But Jesus came to be king of our HEARTS. He wants to be the most important thing in our lives. But the kings and leaders then were scared. So many people LIKED Jesus it would be easy for Him to become king. So they were also scared of Him.

Jesus said He was God’s son. Some people believed Him,. but some people did not and were angry that He would say He could be God’s son. Jesus said, “God sent me and you can see by the things I do that I am His son. But you choose not to believe.” A couple of times, they tried to put Jesus in jail. But He always got away…it wasn’t time for that yet.

Finally, the Pharisees and others with “hard” hearts were so ready to kill Jesus that Jesus stayed and lived quietly with His disciples for a while. (Then will come the stories of Easter, which we will do closer to Easter time.)

Lots of people loved Jesus, but He didn’t have a very easy life. He traveled and taught all the time and lots of people were always trying to trick Him or capture Him. When people didn’t have God’s love in their hearts, Jesus loved them anyway. When people were mean to Him, He was not mean back. He told them again and again about God’s love.

In John 16, Jesus was talking to His disciples and He said, “You know I have had a lot of trouble and loneliness. But I’m never really alone because God is with me. People will not always be nice to you either, especially if you love Me.” People who don’t believe God and accept His love can have very sad hearts and might be mean to people who love God. “In this world, you WILL have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”

When we face hard things or when people are mean to us, especially if it’s because we love God, we can remember that HE is God. He is in control. He loves us more than anything and that He is on our side.

Thanks for joining us. Love to you all!

Jesus gives living water

Hi all!

Today’s story is from John 4.

Jesus was traveling and teaching all the people about God and He had to pass through Samaria. (Most Israelites would go AROUND Samaria because the Samaritans and the Israelites did NOT like each other.) But Jesus loves EVERYONE, so He didn’t mind going through Samaria.

One day, He got really tired of all that walking and He stopped by a well. His disciples who were with Him, went off to find some food…maybe a place to stay. Before long, a Samaritan woman came to get water from the well. (They used to not have water in their houses and would have to go to a well (a big hole in the ground) and get water and take it in buckets back to their houses.)

Jesus asked her for a drink of water. “Um…ME?! You shouldn’t even be talking to me! We’re supposed to be enemies?!” she said.

“If you knew who I AM, you would ask ME for living water!”

“Buuuut…you don’t have a cup or a bucket to get anything from this well. And WHAT is LIVING water??” she responded. “You know…this was Jacob’s well…are you saying YOU are greater than Jacob?”

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. The water I give them will be like a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (He was saying that people need water to live…but you always get thirsty again. But HE would give His love, which is more important than water. He would give eternal life…forever life in heaven with God…and once we trust Jesus, He takes away our sins, loves us forever and we never have to worry again about if we are forgiven or if God loves us. We won’t be “thirsty” for His love again, because once we trust Him, He loves us forever.)

“Sir!” she said, “I WANT that kind of water!”

Jesus knew all the bad choices she had ever made, and He even answered her questions about God. She was so amazed, she ran off to go tell all her friends.

The disciples came back and said, “You look hungry, Jesus…you should eat something!”

Jesus also told His disciples, “I have food to eat you know nothing about.”

What? Did Jesus have pizza? Was He hiding candy?

No. It was just like when He said He had living water. Jesus knows food and water are important. We need them to live! But what we need MORE is God’s love and forgiveness. That’s the “food and water” Jesus gives us. Just like food keeps us healthy and alive, Jesus’ love keeps our hearts safe and alive forever in heaven with Him.

But the disciples didn’t really understand. The Samaritan woman came back and brought all kinds of people with her. They all listened to Jesus and believed Him. “We KNOW this man is the Savior of the world!” they said.


  1. Jesus knows food and water are important, but He gives us something even better–His love and forgiveness, forever life with God in heaven.
  2. He loves EVERYBODY…even the people the Israelites didn’t like. He didn’t just come to save the Israelites, He came for EVERYONE.
  3. The Samaritan lady was so amazed by Jesus she told all her friends about Him. We can be sure to tell OUR friends too about how amazing Jesus is!


For our craft today, we cut a rectangle out of brown construction paper and glued it to the bottom of a piece of white paper. This will be our well. Then we took our scissors and cut a slit just above the brown “well.” We drew Jesus on one side and the woman on the other side. Then we took a piece of string and attached two sticky hearts to the bottom. (You could also use construction paper hearts if you don’t have the puffy foam stickers.) We taped our string to the top of our picture and drew a frame for the top of the well. Then we stuck the heart down into the well, so the woman could put her bucket in for water and draw it back out with Jesus’ love!

Our text reads: Jesus gave the Samaritan woman LIVING WATER. John 4





Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!


Jesus is baptized

Hi all! Today’s story is from Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, and John 1.

John was Jesus’ cousin. Do you remember how he jumped in his mommy’s tummy when he was still a growing baby when Mary came to visit? The angel told John’s parents he would lead the way for the Messiah.

John and Jesus were now grownups. John wandered all around telling everyone that the Messiah was coming! He also told them to repent of their sins (that means tell God every wrong thing they’d done, AND ask God to forgive them.) Then, he would baptize them. That means he would lower them into some water (usually a lake or river) and then bring them right back up. The going under was a way to show they were leaving their sins behind, and coming out of the water new and forgiven by God.

Going in and out of the water is NOT what made God forgive the people. It was just a sign to show others that they had asked God to forgive them.

One day, Jesus came to John and asked to be baptized.

“But Jesus!? YOU are the Messiah! You’ve never done anything wrong! I should be baptized by YOU!” (Remember Jesus is God’s son, so He’s perfect and CAN’T sin (make bad choices.))

But Jesus said, “This is the right thing to do.” Jesus wanted to be baptized by John to:

  1. Show the people He was one of them.
  2. He was also setting an example for us. When we love God and ask Him to forgive us of our sins, then He asks us to be baptized…to show everyone the decision we’ve made to follow Him. (1 Peter 3:21, Col 2:12, Acts 2:38-41, Mark 16:16)
  3. Also, Jesus was about the show people who He REALLY was.

John agreed and baptized Jesus. When Jesus came up out of the water, the Bible says, the sky opened and the spirit of God came down as a dove and landed on Jesus. Then everyone heard God say, “This is My son, who I love. I am pleased with Him.”


**God is 3 people in one. This is called the trinity. There is God the Father in heaven; Jesus, God’s son; and the Holy Spirit, God’s spirit. When Jesus was baptized, God showed Himself to the people in all 3 ways…with Jesus, His Spirit and in His voice. (The trinity can be confusing to think about…even for grownups. The nice thing is…we will fully never understand God and His ways…and that’s OK! HE does…and we know we can trust Him. These things might make more sense as you get bigger…but you can now know God has 3 parts…the Father, the Son and the Spirit.)

Jesus showed the people who He really was–God’s son. John told everyone THIS was the Messiah and with His baptism, Jesus showed us about dying to sin and coming up with new life with God (just like He would die on the cross and rise again.)


For our craft today, we started with a popsicle stick and a string about 4x the length of the popsicle stick. (In the photo below the string is tied but DON’T tie it yet.)


Tape the string lengthwise to the popsicle stick. Then  you can draw a face on the top of the stick and add whatever kind of “clothing” you want. (We opted for triangle construction paper).  That will make your “Jesus popsicle stick on a string.”


Next we found some cardboard and cut it to match a sheet of construction paper and glued blue construction paper to the cardboard. (You can make it any size you’d like as long is it’s bigger than the popsicle stick).


We cut out a dove shape and cut up and glued some feathers on our dove and glued the dove onto our blue construction paper.


Then we cut two holes big enough for “popsicle stick Jesus” to fit through. They are about 1 popsicle stick length apart. (A grownup should do this part!)

Then we ran our string through the holes and tied it together. This makes a loop through the holes so “popsicle stick Jesus” can go into the water, around the back and back out of the water.

Lastly we added our text: Jesus was baptized. “This is My son. I am pleased with him.” Luke 3:22IMG_1267

Above is our completed project. The kids had a lot of fun putting Jesus into the water and pulling Him back out.



THIS VIDEO of today’s story is from Saddleback Kids.

THIS is a more in-depth version from Crossroads Kids’ Club.

Thanks for joining us again. Love to you all!