Jesus anointed

Hey all. Our story today is form Luke 7:36-50.

Remember the pharisees? They were the most religious people. They knew all the words in the Bible (but they weren’t very good at OBEYING GOD, but still they thought they were better than everyone else because they knew SO MUCH.)

One of the pharisees invited Jesus (and some others) to his house for dinner, and Jesus went.

While they were there a woman came. Everyone there knew she didn’t usually make good choices so they were all surprised to see her. But she was SOOO excited to see Jesus! She brought smelly good perfume and put it on Jesus’ feet. Back then people wore sandals all the time so their feet were pretty dirty…but she didn’t care. She was so excited to see Jesus, she even started crying! And she dried her tears with her hair and kissed his feet!

The pharisee said, “Why do you let her do this?! If you knew what a bad person she is, you wouldn’t let her touch you!”

But Jesus said, “Since I got here, you haven’t poured perfume on Me, or kissed Me, or cried over your happiness to be with Me. But SHE has. Her love for Me is great. And because she loves Me, I will forgive her sins. Your sins are forgiven, you may go in peace.”

All the people were confused by this. Only God can forgive people for their sins…who IS this guy???

Jesus was showing them that loving Him is much more important than knowing all the right things. When we love God, we are happy to learn more about Him. We want to be WITH Him, and worship Him. Just knowing ABOUT God, is not the same as KNOWING God. You can know God better by praying and talking to Him.


For our craft today we traced our feet on construction paper and then drew tears on the feet. We put on some lipstick and kissed the feet and then we sprayed some “perfume” on the feet.

Our text reads: Luke 7-Jesus forgave the woman who loved Him. She anointed Him with perfume, tears and kisses.


Thanks for joining us, love to you all!

Jesus in the temple

Hi again!

This month we are learning about Jesus’ life (next 2 months will be His miracles and His teaching.)

The Bible doesn’t say much about Jesus when He was growing up, but there is one story which can be found in Luke 2.


Every year, all the Israelites would travel to Jerusalem to the temple (the one big church for God.) They would celebrate Passover (when they remembered God leading the people out of Egypt and the angel of God PASSED OVER the houses of the people who obeyed God.)

At your church, you may go to a sunday school class while mom and dad go to “big church” or “grown up church” or the main sanctuary.

Well when Jesus was 12 years old, Mary and Joseph told Him He was big enough to go “big church” with them and celebrate the Passover.

Joseph, Mary and Jesus traveled from their home with their whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins…probably a LOT of people on this trip). So when it was time to go home, Mary and Joseph assumed Jesus was with them. (And they were probably looking after Jesus’ smaller brothers and sisters). So no one noticed that Jesus WASN’T with them.

Not long after they headed home, Mary looked around and said, “Where’s Jesus?”

They looked, but couldn’t find Him. So they went back to Jerusalem and 3 days later!!! they found Him in the temple.

Jesus was talking with the leaders and they were very impressed with how much He knew about God and how well He knew God’s heart. (We know that’s because He’s God’s son! But they didn’t know that yet.)

When Mary found Jesus she said, “What do you think you’re doing?! We;ve been so worried?!”

And Jesus answered, “Didn’t you know I would be in my Father’s house?”

Jesus called the temple His FATHER’S house. (It is God’s house and Jesus is His son.) Mary was confused and told Jesus it was time to go.

The Bible says Mary thought about all these things on the way home…about how it was Jesus’ Father’s house and how He had to be there. Jesus DID need to be in the temple listening and even teaching others about God, but He also knew the importance of obeying His mom.

The next stories about Jesus’ life are after He’s a grown up. And we’ll learn more about that tomorrow.



This year we made a craft. We cut out a basic “temple” shape and also a square of a different color paper. We drew Jesus on the square and glued it to a big piece of paper. Then we cut out the temple shape and starting from the middle of the bottom, cut a letter T into the paper. This created two flaps to be doors. We then glued the temple over the square so we could open the temple doors and find Jesus.

THIS VIDEO from Saddleback kids tells today’s story.

THIS is another video posted by Teaching Kids about Jesus that tells this Bible story.

Thanks for joining us, love to you all!


Jesus grew!

Welcome back!

Today’s story is from Luke 2:52.

Do you know what the Bible says about Jesus when He was a kid?


Not much. :0)


After He was a baby, the Bible doesn’t say much about Jesus until He is 12 and then nothing again until He is a grownup.

I think that’s because there’s nothing too extraordinary to tell. Jesus was a regular kid, just like you! He played with His brothers and sisters. He helped His mom and wrestled with His dad. He went to school, He did His chores, He had friends. He ate dinner, learned to use the potty, and spoke silly baby gibberish until He learned how to talk.

Jesus was God’s son, but He was also a regular kid, just like you!

The Bible DOES tell us in Luke 2:52 that “Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and men.”

That means Jesus learned things, He got bigger and taller, and He made good choices that made God happy and people started to respect Him. As you grow up, YOU will learn things, and YOU will get bigger and stronger, and if you listen to your mom and dad, YOU will make good choices and learn to love God.

Jesus came for a very very special reason, but He was also a regular boy!

For our craft today, we made a growing Jesus. We cut out a circle head, triangle body and some little feet and rectangle arms. We glued the head on top of the triangle and the arms on the sides and the feet on the widest part of the triangle. We folded up the triangle like a fan. Then, the kids could scrunch Him up, and stretch Him out to see Him grow. Lastly, we wrote out Luke 2:52 at the bottom.



There is also this video of a song from Steve Green. (It’s a little old school, but still a great song to help kids remember our story/verse from today)


**Alternate craft: This year we did a similar but new craft where we cut out Jesus’ head and body and gave him stretchy arms and legs.


We also found THIS VIDEO from Saddleback kids.

Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!