Jesus grew!

Welcome back!

Today’s story is from Luke 2:52.

Do you know what the Bible says about Jesus when He was a kid?


Not much. :0)


After He was a baby, the Bible doesn’t say much about Jesus until He is 12 and then nothing again until He is a grownup.

I think that’s because there’s nothing too extraordinary to tell. Jesus was a regular kid, just like you! He played with His brothers and sisters. He helped His mom and wrestled with His dad. He went to school, He did His chores, He had friends. He ate dinner, learned to use the potty, and spoke silly baby gibberish until He learned how to talk.

Jesus was God’s son, but He was also a regular kid, just like you!

The Bible DOES tell us in Luke 2:52 that “Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and men.”

That means Jesus learned things, He got bigger and taller, and He made good choices that made God happy and people started to respect Him. As you grow up, YOU will learn things, and YOU will get bigger and stronger, and if you listen to your mom and dad, YOU will make good choices and learn to love God.

Jesus came for a very very special reason, but He was also a regular boy!

For our craft today, we made a growing Jesus. We cut out a circle head, triangle body and some little feet and rectangle arms. We glued the head on top of the triangle and the arms on the sides and the feet on the widest part of the triangle. We folded up the triangle like a fan. Then, the kids could scrunch Him up, and stretch Him out to see Him grow. Lastly, we wrote out Luke 2:52 at the bottom.



There is also this video of a song from Steve Green. (It’s a little old school, but still a great song to help kids remember our story/verse from today)


**Alternate craft: This year we did a similar but new craft where we cut out Jesus’ head and body and gave him stretchy arms and legs.


We also found THIS VIDEO from Saddleback kids.

Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!

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