Cast Your Nets

Before i delve into the story, i’d just like to say thank you for your patience while we went on vacation…it was a great time and now we’re excited to get back to business as usual and i’m excited to continue sharing with you all.

Cast Your Nets

John 21

After Jesus had risen from the dead, some of the disciples were out on their boat, catching some fish. They tried all night…but they caught nothing.

In the morning, Jesus came to the edge of the sea and yelled to them “Haven’t you caught anything yet?”

When they yelled back “NO?!” Jesus told them to try the other side of the boat. What?! Why would THAT work? They’d been trying all night!? But they listened and threw their nets to the other side of the boat, and when they did…they caught a LOT of fish.

John (one the disciples) said, “it’s Jesus!” and Peter jumped in the water and swam right over to Jesus–still in his clothes! It seems silly…but he was SO happy to see Jesus! (and i can just imagine the big smile on Jesus’ face as He watched Peter swim to Him).

They all had a big breakfast of fish and bread together and Jesus talked with Peter and told him to take care of the people. Peter (and the other disciples) were to tell people about Jesus and to take care of them.

Even though they had been fishing all night and it seemed impossible…with God, ALL things are possible, and they were able to catch a LOT of fish.

And Jesus loves when we love Him. I’m sure it made Him very happy to see Peter so excited to see Him. And just like Peter, we can be excited to see Jesus and talk to Him and to tell others about Him.

Activities: we didn’t do a craft for this one, we acted out the story instead. (my kids especially enjoyed jumping out of the boat in their clothes and swimming to Jesus).

We also had a snack of goldfish crackers in baggies (like the nets).

Later this week, we’ll be discussing the great commission and Jesus’ ascension back to heaven and then there will be a few introductory posts about studying the Bible with toddlers and some of my favorite toddler Bible verses. Feel free to comment or share your ideas! Thanks all.

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