Go and make disciples!

Matthew 28

After Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to His disciples (His followers) and others for 40 days. Then, it was time for Him to go home. Where is home for Jesus? In heaven, with God.

He gathered the disciples and told them He was going back to heaven, to help God prepare a place for us…so that when we die, if we love God and believe Jesus died for us, then we can live in heaven forever.

Next, He told the disciples that they had an important job to do. They were to Go! to the whole world and tell them about Jesus and His love for us.

Then He rose up up up into the clouds and went back to heaven.

Activity: For our craft, we made a world. Now…my kids are 3, so their worlds look nothing like the actual earth :0) Then, we cut out pictures of people from magazines and glued them on the earth and wrote the verse for the week. “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

You could use a map or trace the countries for your child to cut out if you want your world to look more precise. (Our kids had fun just ripping and cutting the green pieces of earth.) And yes…my son added mickey and minnie to his “all the nations”


This is the last story of Jesus’ life. I will have a few posts next week about our favorite toddler/preschool Bible verses and tips for studying the Bible with young kids. Then, in May, we’ll be studying the Bible stories AFTER Jesus’ life.

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