3 Examples of God’s Power

Hi all, today we will be learning the story of Acts 3-4 where we will see 3 examples of God’s power and protection for His people.

1. After Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came to be with the disciples, Jesus’ followers went out to tell everyone about Jesus and His sacrifice for us. Two of these followers (Peter and John) were walking one day when the found a man who couldn’t walk. He was asking for money (since he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t work and had no way to buy food). Peter said “we don’t have any money to give you, but we do have the power of Jesus…get up!” and instantly the man was able to get up and walk. It wasn’t by Peter’s strength or John’s ability–it was the power of God that helped fix the man’s legs.

2. The people were amazed by this miracle but Peter said “why are you surprised?” The whole Bible has been telling us about Jesus who would come and save us. He is God’s son and has all the power to do this. He died on the cross, but
He lived again! Now, it’s time to turn to God and believe in His son, Jesus. God worked in the people’s hearts and many of them believed that day.

3. But, the leaders did not like this message. They didn’t want the people to believe Jesus was alive. So, they put Peter and John in jail. But God gave Peter the strength and the right words to talk to the leaders. He told them the ONLY way to be saved is to believe in Jesus, that He died for our sins, and that He lives again. The leaders were shocked by Peter’s courage. They told Peter and John not to talk about Jesus anymore but they said no. They would have to obey God and tell everyone about Him. The leaders let them go. God gave them the strength they needed to tell people about Him and He provided for them.

If God asks us to do something, He will help us accomplish it. If we believe in Him, then we have His spirit in us too and He can give us power, peace and courage to know what to say and how to help others.

For our craft, we made a 3 piece window wheel. In the 1st section, we drew the man with ouchy legs. In the 2nd part, we drew the disciples boldly telling the people about Jesus. In the 3rd part, we drew the disciples in jail. Then we turned the wheels around to tell the story about the 3 times God helped the disciples know how to help and tell other about Jesus.

IMG_7898 IMG_7899 IMG_7900 IMG_7901

Later in the week, we’ll talk about Ananias and Sapphira. I’d love to see what you all make, please share in the comments.

Love to you all.

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