Hello. Today’s lesson about living a Godly life is all about servant hood. A servant is someone who takes care of another person. They work for that person.

The Bible tells us in the book of Philippians chapter 2 that Jesus came not as a very important puffed up famous person…but as a servant…to do what God wanted and to help others. He even obeyed God and served us to the point of death on the cross.

We should also be willing to obey God and serve others. The world does not need more important famous people…it needs people like Jesus who will serve and help others.

Jesus told a lesson in Luke 14. He said, when you go to a party, don’t pick the most important seat…because the person in charge might tell you you don’t belong there…instead…you should be humble. Then they might ask you to move to an important seat. Being humble means knowing you are not the most important. Being humble also means serving others and putting their needs before yours.

When we humble ourselves (or think of what other people are feeling or might need) then we are acting like God.

In Matthew 20, Jesus said “the first will be last and the last will be first.” That means whoever thinks he is very important, when he gets to heaven with God will be the least. And whoever is humble here and serving others…when he gets to heaven, he will be honored by God.

We told the story of the party using some of our toys. And we took turns sitting in what we called “the most important seat.” Then we took turns having the characters instead ask “how can I help you? How can I help you?”


What are some ways you can think about other people? How can you serve others?

Thanks for joining us today. Love to you all.

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