Up up up!

Hello again!

Today’s lesson comes from Romans 14 and 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

One of the things God had Paul write to the Romans was to “stop fussing!” Does you mom ever tell you that?

The Bible tells us some things HAVE to be a certain way. God said “believe this or do exactly this!” but sometimes God says “that’s up to you.”

In Paul’s letter, the people were arguing about who loved God more because some people said “I eat whatever I want, God said so!” And other people said “I only eat THIS food and that makes God happier than what YOU eat!” Paul said “stop it! God doesn’t care WHAT you eat…He cares about what’s in your heart!”

Sometimes even today different Christians argue about what to wear to church, or what kind of music to sing to God. God says those are some of the things that are up to us. If we are dressing and singing to praise Him, then that makes Him happy!

Instead of fighting…we need to encourage each other and build each other up! We can use nice words and kind actions to help other people grow closer to God.

Remember that God wants us all to work together like one big body? We can’t do that if we’re fussing over all the small things. When God says “do it THIS way” then we need to obey. But if God doesn’t say exactly how He wants it done, then we can all do things a little differently…as long as we have hearts that are trying to make God happy.

We didn’t do a craft today…but I did find this song:

Thanks! Love to you all!

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