Hello again friends.

We are continuing our lessons on the teaching of the New Testament (also referred to as “living a Godly life”). Today we’ll be talking about prayer with verses from James 4, 1 John 5, and Matthew 6.

Do you know what prayer is? Prayer is talking to God. We can talk to God anytime we want and about anything! In our house, we pray before we eat…do you do that at your house too? It’s a good time to remember to talk to God. When else do you talk to God?

God wants to hear it all. In the Bible it says if we are sad, we should tell God. If we are happy, we should sing praises to Him. If we need something, or just want to tell Him something…He is always listening and He hears us.

God is alive today and wants to hear from us. God knows everything that will happen, but the Bible also says, that He listens to us and we can motivate His heart with our prayers.

We can come to God and we don’t have to be afraid or think He’s far away. God is right here. We can hear Him talk back to us too! Sometimes through the words in the Bible…sometimes through other people and sometimes in our hearts.

Jesus even told us HOW we can pray. He said don’t pray just because you’re supposed to, or to show other people you love God…pray because you really want to. And when you pray, you should first praise God, and remember that HE is in charge. Then we can talk to Him about things we need or are thinking about and can ask Him to forgive us for any bad choices we’ve made. We can ask God to protect us and to help us follow Him.

What kinds of things would you like to thank God for? Are there ways you want to ask for help?

For our craft, we traced our praying hands. On one hand, we wrote what we are thankful for. On the other hand, we wrote some things we wanted to ask God to help us with.

IMG_5360 IMG_5361

Also found these resources:

1. A “teach me to pray” hand: here

2. Free printable prayer cards from here

3. I have also seen the idea of writing prayers and praises on popsicle sticks, placing them all in a jar and then choosing a few to talk to God about at each prayer time.

Thanks for joining us today. We’ll have more soon! Love to you all!

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