The Fall of Man

Hi again friends!

Today’s story comes from Genesis 2 and 3.

We learned yesterday about God creating EVERYTHING. And He made man just like Himself. He took some dust from the ground and breathed life into the man and He named him Adam. He made a beautiful garden called the garden of Eden and He put Adam in charge of taking care of the garden and all the animals. But He knew Adam would need a helper. So, He made a woman. They worked and lived together and everything was perfect.

In the middle of the garden were two trees. One was the tree of life and the other was called “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” God told Adam and Eve (the woman) they could eat ANYTHING in the garden EXCEPT the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or else they would die.

But God has an enemy. One of God’s angels made a bad choice and decided he wanted to be better than God and became God’s enemy. His name was satan. He tries to keep us from God. He came as a snake to the garden and said to Eve “it’s ok. You can eat the fruit.”

“No i can’t. God said we will die if we eat it,” Eve replied.

“No no no,” he said. God just knows that when you eat the fruit, you’ll be smart like Him…but really it’s ok. Go ahead.”

Eve made a bad choice and she took a bite of the fruit. Then she gave some to Adam and he ate some too. This was the first time a person had sinned. (Made a choice to disobey God). Then they were ashamed and knew they had done a bad thing and they hid from God.

God called for them and they said “here we are.”

“Why are you hiding?” God asked.

Adam and Eve told God what they had done.

God was very sad. Now He knew the man and woman would have to die, instead of living with Him forever in the beautiful, perfect, garden.

God cursed the bad snake and sent Adam and Eve away from the garden and told them they would now have to work very hard to eat and live…and that one day, because of their sin, they would have to die.

God put an angel with a fiery sword in front of the garden so they couldn’t come back.

But, God did not leave Adam and Eve. Right away He had a plan to save them. One day, He would send His son, Jesus, as a little baby and He would pay the price for man’s sins so that they could once again live with God forever in the perfect place.

Some people like to be mad at Adam and Eve because they “started sin” and got kicked out the garden…but we ALL sin. We all disobey God sometimes and we ALL need Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

Click here for the 2nd part of the creation story from the Beginner Bible. This story of Adam and Eve starts at about minute 12.

We also made a craft. We started by cutting a green and a black piece of paper each in half. Then i clipped them together and traced a tree on the green one. Then the kids cut out the tree on both pieces of colored paper and we glued each to a piece of white paper, side by side.

IMG_5773     IMG_5775

Next we drew some fruit on our trees. Then we drew a snake on the green side and a sad Adam and Eve on the black side.

IMG_5778 IMG_5779

(And one of mine wanted to draw a sad God on top). Then we reviewed the story using our pictures.

Thanks for joining us today. Love to you all!

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