Tower of Babel

Hi again, friends!

This month we are learning the stories in the Bible books of Genesis and Exodus.

Today’s story comes from Genesis 11:1-8.

After Noah and the big flood, all of Noah’s kids had kids and they had kids and they had kids…soon there were a lot of people and they built a city and houses to live in.

They learned how to make bricks and use tar like glue to hold all the bricks together.

Then they decided to build a really REALLY big tower all the way to heaven so everybody would know how big and important they were. This did not make God happy. Instead of honoring God, THEY wanted to be honored.

So God made them all talk differently and no one could understand each other?! They tried to keep building…but no one made any sense…so they had to stop.

Then they all spread out. The people who spoke one language lived together, and all the people who spoke another language lived together, and another group who all spoke the same language went a different way.

No one is more powerful than God. The people thought they could be as important and powerful as God, but He confused them, to remind them that HE is the most powerful.

We built a tower as high as we could (they had it almost to the ceiling, but it collapsed before i could take a picture haha!) out of duplos and talked about working together. Then we discussed that God wasn’t mad about the tower, He was mad because of what was in the peoples’ hearts…they had hearts that didn’t honor God.


This video from kidswise is a nice, brief synopsis.

Thanks for joining us, love to you all!

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