Abram (Genesis 12, 15)

Hello all.

Today’s study is an introduction to Abram from, Genesis 12 and 15.

After Noah’s sons had kids, and they had kids and they had kids and THEY had kids…eventually a man was born whose name was Abram. God knew Abram, and one day, when Abram was already old, God came to him and told him to pack up and move.

God promised to make Abram and his people into a great nation, a great country. God said He would bless Abram (which means give him great things). So Abram took his wife, some of his family and his things and off they went. God hadn’t told them where they were headed, but Abram trusted God.

After traveling a while, Abram’s nephew Lot settled in one place, and Abram and his family settled in another. God told Abram He would bless that land and that THAT would be the place where God’s people would live.

One time, Abram had a vision (like a dream) and he asked God how he could be the father of a great country since he didn’t have any kids yet? “There’s no one else after me?!”

God told Abram to look up at all the stars in the sky and to count them. (Do you know how many stars there are!? I don’t either…there’s TOO MANY to count!) That’s how many children and grandchildren God told Abram he would have.

Abram wanted to believe God, but asked God for some assurance.

God told Abram to bring a cow, a goat and a male sheep called a ram, and also a dove and a pigeon. Abram cut the cow, the goat and ram in two parts and lined them up across from each other. This was a gift to God, called an offering. Before Jesus came, people would kill animals as an offering to God. Once Jesus came, HE became the offering for all of us.

Abram watched over the animals (so the present would not be all yucky when he showed it to God.)

And when it was night time, God put Abram to sleep. He told Abram that his people would be stuck working and living in a different, mean place for 400 years, but then they would be returned to this land.

Then God used a glowing pot and fire to go between the animals. God passed between the offering and made a covenant (a strong and forever promise) that all these things WOULD happen.

Abram would have as many children and grandchildren as the number of stars in the sky.

Abram’s descendants would have to live in a terrible place for a long time.

Then they would come back and live in the land God promised them.

Abram trusted God when God told him to move. He believed God when God told him these things would happen, but it was GOD who made the covenant with Abram. God loves His people and He promises His people good things.

We can already see God making His plan to bring His people back to Him.

For our craft, we cut out the animals described in the story, then i let the kids cut them in half. We glued them in two lines and then cut a slit in the middle of the paper. We used a glue stick and colored it like fire (you could also use tissue paper for the fire). Then we made the fire pass between the offering.       IMG_5965       IMG_5969

We did find this video posted by dandysinger. It’s definitely an amateur home video, but our kids wanted to watch it twice; they thought it was silly…but it does reinforce the story.

Thanks for joining us today. Love to you all!

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