Isaac is born!

Hello again, friends.

image image

Todays story is from Genesis 21.

Do you remember when God told Abraham and Sarah they would have a baby? And the. The visitors told them they would return in one year and by then the baby would be born!

And soon, Abraham and Sarah had a baby boy and they named him Isaac (which means “he laughs”) because Sarah laughed and she knew everyone else would too when they found out that two people who were Sooooo old had a baby!

God had kept His promise. A promise is when you say you will DEFINITELY do something…like your mommy and daddy PROMISE to always love you no matter what. It won’t change! It will FOR SURE happen.

God promised He would look after Adam and Eve (and He did). God promised that it would flood, but that Noah and his family would be safe (it did and they were!) God promised a baby for Abraham and Sarah (and they had one!) and God promised a savior for us, for our sins…and He sent one.

God ALWAYS keeps His promises. He he has lots of promises in the Bible. We will learn more of them as we read through. But you can be sure, if God promises it, it WILL happen.

For our craft today, I traced a silhouette of the family and the kids cut it out and we talked about keeping promises and how God is always faithful. (Pardon the excessive glue :0) and they didn’t like that the people had no faces so they drew those on too).

Thanks all! More tomorrow, love to you all!

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