Abraham Tested/God Provides

Hello again!

Today’s story is from Genesis 22.

So God had kept His promise and given Abraham and Sarah a son, named Isaac.

Isaac grew up…and one day God asked Abraham to give Isaac back to Him. Isaac would have to die and live with God in heaven.

This made Abraham very sad. But he loved God. He trusted and obeyed. He took Isaac up a mountain to make an offering and worship God and Isaac said, “Dad, where is the sheep for the offering?”

Abraham told him “God will provide.”

As Abraham was going to give Isaac as a sacrifice to God, God said “Stop! Don’t hurt Isaac. I know you really love and obey Me. And because you have loved Me, all of your descendants (children, grandchildren, their children and grandchildren) will ALL be blessed. And through your family line ALL people will be blessed.”

(Later God would send HIS son, Jesus (one of Abraham’s descendants to die for all of US!)

Abraham then saw a ram (a daddy sheep) and he sacrificed that to God as an offering. God provided. He provided a son to Abraham, He provided a ram, and He provided Jesus, His son, as a sacrifice for us.

The funny thing about this story is that God already knows everything. He knows what is in our hearts and He knew Abraham loved and trusted Him. BUT, Abraham’s obedience was a way for God to show Isaac and US that even if God asks us to do something scary, we can trust Him to take care of us. Even if things are scary or sad, we can know that God is in control and He has a great plan.

We found this little video from saddleback kids on YouTube:

Watch here

Thanks for joining us today! Love to you all!

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