Moses (Part 2)

Hello again all!



Today we’ll continue our story of Moses (found in Exodus 3).

Moses grew up in the kings house with the princess, but he knew he was one of God’s people the Israelites. (One of Jacob/Israel’s descendants).

The king and the people in Egypt (the Egyptians) did not like the Israelites because they were so strong and so many. They made slaves (which means hard hard work for no money!) They did NOT want the Israelites to become too powerful!

One day, after Moses was a grown up, he saw an Egyptian being mean to one of his fellow Israelites and he killed the Egyptian. Was that a good choice?

He knew he would be in big trouble, so he ran far far away.

He was away for a long time, he even got married and had a whole new life.

One day, he was out working when he came upon a bush on fire! But the bush was not burning up! It was just like Gods people in Egypt who were having a very hard time under the king, but God was keeping them and making them even stronger.

What an odd thing to see?! Then something EVEN weirder happened! The bush SPOKE!

God was using the bush to speak to Moses. God said “I AM the God of your father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have an important job for you. I have seen how the Egyptians treat my people and it’s time to bring them back to the promised land. YOU will go to the king (the Pharaoh) and say “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

Go back? The people all knew he had killed somebody!? And tell the king to let the Israelites go!? Moses was scared. He asked God for a helper and God said he could take his brother Aaron too to help talk to the Pharaoh.

They set off to see the king. What do you think will happen next? Will the king let the people go?

For our craft, we drew a bush with leaves and glued tissue paper fire. Then we drew a surprised Moses.

Join us tomorrow as we see what happens next.

Love to you all!

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