The sun stood still!

Hi again!

Welcome back to the book of Joshua. Today’s story is from chapter 10.

So Joshua was now leading God’s people, the Israelites, through the promised land. They had to defeat a bunch of different people before they could call it “their land.” When they obeyed God, they won. When they did things their own way, they didn’t win.

One day they had a big fight, with 5 different kings and their soldiers. The 5 kings all joined together to defeat Joshua, but God said, “Don’t be afraid. I will make sure you win.” So Joshua and the Israelites went ahead and they surprised the kings and other armies. It took a long time to defeat all those guys, so Joshua said, “Sun! Stand still!” (Because you can’t fight in the dark).

And do you know what?! God made the sun stand still. The sun usually comes up up up in the morning, and then goes back down until bedtime, when the moon comes up. But this day, the sun just stayed and stayed in the sky until the Israelites had defeated ALL the other guys.

And what do you think the other kings thought when they saw that God made the sun stand still for His people? Maybe some of them started to believe in God too.

God helped His people! He made sure they won, just like He said they would. God always keeps His promises. Joshua believed God could do anything and he asked God to make the sun stand still. It’s so important that we remember God can do ANYTHING and that when we love and obey Him, He can do amazing things through us and for us.

For our craft today, we drew the people fighting and then cut out suns. We used our scissors to make a slit in our paper and then threaded the sun (which we attached to more construction paper, but you could us a popsicle stick or pipe cleaner too) through the paper so we could move the sun up and then command it to stay!

IMG_7073 IMG_7074

Thanks for joining us today. Love to you all!

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