Joshua 24

Hi friends. Welcome back! Today is our last day in the book of Joshua.

After Moses died, God had Joshua lead His people into the promised land, Canaan. They had to defeat all the people who lived there and they weren’t even done by the time Joshua died! Can you imagine?! It took a long time to get settled in the promised land!

But they got a lot of the land and defeated a lot of the people…as long as they obeyed God and did things His way.

The land was divided up so that each tribe (or big family…there were 12) got their own part.

When Joshua was very very old and about to die, he called the leaders together and reminded them of all God had done for them and had taught them.

He told them to be strong and not to be afraid. He reminded them to always love and obey God.

Lastly, in Joshua 24:15, he told the people they had to choose for themselves if they would serve God or not. “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” he said.

You know, your mom and dad can tell you about God and about Jesus’ love and how He died for your sins. You can sing songs and your family can go to church. But YOU, in your heart, have to choose to follow God. You don’t just love God because mommy and daddy do. You have to choose in your heart to love and obey God. As you grow up, you will learn more and more what it means to follow and love God and you’ll also understand more and more how much He loves you!

But just like Joshua told the people they had to have faith of their own, you have to choose too, if you want to follow and obey God.

For our craft today, we drew a house and ourselves. (Does the house building love God? No…it just means that everyone IN the house loves God).

IMG_7111 IMG_7112

Thank you for joining us today. I hope today’s lesson can spark some good conversation with your kids about why you believe and maybe if/why they believe. Next time, we’ll start in to the book of Judges. Love to you all!

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