Samuel Listens to God

Hi friends.

Today we are learning more about little Samuel. This story comes from the book of 1 Samuel, chapter 3.

Remember when Samuel was big enough, his mommy Hannah took him to the tabernacle to live with Eli the priest to learn about God and to serve God. Samuel was getting bigger, and one night he was asleep in the tabernacle when a voice woke him up.


“Eli?” said Samuel. He got up and went to Eli. “You called for me?”

“What?! No I didn’t!” replied Eli. “Go back to bed.”

Again, Samuel went to bed, but again he heard “Samuel!”

He got up and went to Eli. “Yes, Eli?”

“I didn’t call you!? Go back to bed.”

So a third time, Samuel laid down to sleep and again, he heard the voice. “Samuel! Samuel!”

This time when Samuel went to Eli, Eli knew it must be God trying to talk to young Samuel. “Go back and listen to what God has to tell you.”

So Samuel went back and laid down. When he heard his name, he said, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

God told Samuel that Eli’s sons had bad some bad choices, and Eli didn’t stop them. Because they had disobeyed God, they would have some bad consequences.

When Samuel got up the next morning, Eli demanded that Samuel tell him what God said. Even though the news wasn’t good for Eli, he knew if God said it, then it would happen.

God talked to Samuel a lot as he got older. The people in Israel believed and they listened to the words of God from Samuel. God gave him a lot of important jobs, because he was willing to serve God and to listen.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that God wants to talk to kids? Just like you! And He has big plans for you. When you pray (talk to God), be sure to listen too. God probably won’t talk out loud to you…but maybe. Sometimes God also uses His spirit to talk to our hearts, and He uses the Bible to tell us what He wants us to know.

*This lesson is also an important one for parents. Eli was punished for not stopping the evil of his sons. It wasn’t his choices, but rather his passive allowance of evil choices by his sons that brought destruction upon Eli. And it is worthy to note, that it took Eli three times to recognize it was God speaking to Samuel. It is easy to miss God, or to assume His voice from others. Spending time with God in prayer and in His word allows us to know His heart and to truly discern the words of God. (A quote I thoroughly enjoy is: Real discernment is not knowing right from wrong, but right from almost-right.) This will also help us lead our children to God. God chose the lesser, the small boy to be His servant and to speak His messages. We can not underestimate God’s love and plan for our children.*

For our craft today, we drew with white crayon on black paper, a sleeping Samuel.

IMG_7522 IMG_7523

Thanks for joining us today! Love to you all!

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