Saul Becomes King

Welcome back!

We took a few days off for illness, but we’re back to the kings of the old testament. This story comes from the book of 1 Samuel, in chapters 8-11.

Remember little Samuel who was living with Eli and learning all about God and how to serve Him?

As Samuel grew up, the people in Israel started complaining (again). This time they wanted a king. Samuel told them that was not a good idea. But the people didn’t want to follow God anymore, they wanted a king who was a man.

God told Samuel that He would let him know which man should be king.

Meanwhile, a man from the family of Benjamin (remember there were 12 big families in Israel) was out looking for some lost donkeys. His dad had lost some donkeys, so Saul, his son and Saul’s servant went out looking for the donkeys. They looked and looked and looked, but they couldn’t find them. Then they remembered that God sometimes talked to people through Samuel…so they decided to ask Samuel.

When they got to Samuel he said, “The donkeys are already back home. But you should come eat with me.”

Samuel told Saul that God had picked HIM to be king.


“Me?! I’m just a regular guy, from the smallest tribe (family) of Benjamin?!”

Saul went home and Samuel announced that a king had been chosen. He called all the families together and they picked the family of Benjamin. Then from all the people in Benjamin he called for Saul. And do you know what Saul was doing?! He was hiding!

They brought Saul out and Samuel said he would be king. (But a lot of the people didn’t like that idea so they didn’t really call him king yet.)

Saul went back to his regular life until one day the Philistines came to attack the Israelites (AGAIN!).

God’s spirit came to Saul and he led the people against the Philistines and they won! THEN everyone really decided to follow Saul and make him king.

Once again, God didn’t pick the most important person to be in charge. And Saul didn’t become king by his own power or strength…it was all God.

We’ll learn more about Saul next time.

For our craft today, we cut out crowns and decorated them. (Today we used do-a-dot markers, but your could decorate them any way you want.)


Thanks for joining us. Love to you all!

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