Advent-Day 3-Fall of Man

Hi all. This month we are celebrating Jesus’ birth with an advent countdown where we learn about God, baby Jesus and His family.

So after God created the heavens and the earth, He made man. A man named Adam and He gave him a wife named Eve. (For the complete story and lesson see here).

Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit He told them not to. (Gen 3:1-19) That was the first sin (bad choice/disobeying God). When they sinned, there was a consequence. Because God is perfect and their choice was not, they could no longer stay with God and live forever. From then on, all people would make bad choices and sin, and be apart from God. We all NEED someone who can take the consequence for us, so we can be right with God again.

God sent Jesus to be our salvation, the One who would save us from our sins. Sin came into the world from one man (Adam) and sin would be taken care of by another man (God’s son Jesus). (Romans 5:12-19)


When it was time to send Jesus to earth, God put a baby in Mary’s tummy. Mary was going to get married soon to a man named Joseph, but they weren’t married yet. When she told him she had a baby in her belly he was VERY surprised. “You can’t have a baby in your belly? We aren’t married yet?!” He thought maybe Mary had been sneaky and married someone else and had a baby with them! He was ready to walk away and not get married. Joseph and Mary would have been separated forever just like our sin separates us from God. (It’s a good thing that’s not the end of the story!)


Bible story: Fall of man

Attribute of God: Savior

Birth Story: Joseph Questions


For our ornament today, we will start with Bible side. We cut out a black circle and a white circle from construction paper. Then we cut the white paper in half and glued it on the black (so our circle was half black/half white). Then we cut out 2 halves of trees, one black, one white and glued them on the opposite color 1/2 circle. (So black on white and white on black)

Our text reads: Fall of man Gen 3:1-19, Rom 5:12-19



For the other side, we cut out another white circle and a question mark.

Our text reads: Joseph questioned, “How can this be?” Luke 1 (BUT it SHOULD be Matthew 1)



Thanks for joining us today. Love to you all.

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