Advent-Day 8-Joseph’s Provider

Welcome all.

This month we are learning about God, His son Jesus and Jesus’ earthly family tree.

The next person in Jesus’ family is named Joseph. (complete lesson found here and here. The Bible story can be found in Genesis 37-45.) Today will instead be a VERY a brief overview of Joseph.

Jacob (who we learned about yesterday) had a lot of sons. But he had a special place in his heart for one son, Joseph. One day he gave Joseph a very pretty, colorful coat and it made his brothers Jealous (angry because THEY wanted it). Joseph’s brothers decided to get rid of him. First they put him in a well, then they changed their minds and sold him to work in Egypt!

While in Egypt, Joseph was a good hard worker and began working for the king. The king was very impressed with Joseph. One day, Joseph told the king that God said a drought (a time of no water) would come to the land and then there would be a famine (a time of no food. If there’s no water, then the food can’t grow). Joseph told the king he though they should save up some food for the famine. The king thought this was a very good idea so he put Joseph in charge of saving the food. And sure enough, the famine came and everyone was HUNGRY! But the people of Egypt had enough to eat because God provided for them, and Joseph had listened to God.

Well, Joseph’s brothers came looking for food and when they did, Joseph was NICE to them! He wasn’t angry or mean, even though they had been mean to him. He said, “God has been so good to me! You meant to do bad things to me, but God made it into something GOOD!” God provided safety, a job, favor with the king, wisdom and power in Egypt for Joseph.

God provides for us too. He gives us food and water. A mom and dad who love us. What else has God given you? And most importantly God has provided His son Jesus for us; to love us, die for us and help us. (Psalm 111, 1 Tim 6:17)

When Mary found out baby Jesus was in her tummy, she sang a song of thankfulness to God. (Luke 1) She said, “God has thought of me and provided for me. He has done AMAZING things, and He has kept His promise to send a savior to us!”

Bible Story: Joseph

Attribute of God: Provider

Jesus’ birth story: Mary’s song


Side one of our ornament today is a big circe with a cut-out coat glued on and then we made the coat look fancy.

Our text reads: God provided for Joseph. Gen 37-49, Psalm 111, 1 Tim 6:17


Side two we made music notes using do-a-dot paint markers and then we drew the music note stems.

Our text reads: Mary’s song of thankfulness. Luke 1



Our current line up of ornaments front and back:


Thanks for joining us. Love to you all!


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