Jesus heals a leper

Hi all!

This month we are studying the miracles of Jesus. Today’s story can be found in Luke 5 and Matthew 8.

Jesus was traveling around teaching and performing miracles. (Remember what a miracle is? A miracle is something that shouldn’t be able to happen, but GOD makes it happen!)

One day as Jesus was walking, a man with leprosy came and fell down on the ground in front of Jesus. Leprosy is a kind of sickness in your skin. It was very ouchy, very GROSS, and many times very contagious (easy to make other people sick too!) People who had leprosy had to leave their family and friends and live outside the city (so they didn’t get anyone else’s skin sick.) If they thought they got all better, they could come back to the temple and the priest would say if they were all better or not. If they were, the priest would give an offering (like a special present) to God and then the person would be allowed to come live back in the city.

Well, this man fell before Jesus and said, “If you want to, I know you can make me all better.”

Know what Jesus said? He said, “I DO want to!” (It makes Jesus very happy when people believe in Him. I think the man’s faith made Jesus very happy.) Then He touched the man. A lot of people were probably surprised that Jesus touched the man since his skin was so sick and he could get Jesus sick too! But it didn’t make Jesus sick…instead…when Jesus touched the man, his leprosy went away right away…he was all better!!

Jesus told the man to go see the priests and give God the offerings he was supposed to…but He told the man to not tell anybody what had happened. (Because Jesus wasn’t ready for ALL the people who would come see Him when they heard about the cool stuff He could do.) But you know what? That man was SOOOO excited and thankful that Jesus helped him, that he couldn’t help it. He told LOTS of people what Jesus had done! And the people who had been watching told lots of people too! Everyone was so excited about Jesus being nice to the man and healing him.

When God does amazing in our lives, we should tell other people too! What an amazing God we serve. Our God can do ANYTHING!

For our craft today, we drew a face and then used do-a-dots (circle markers…but you could really use anything you wanted) to dot half of the man’s face. The other half we left clean. So 1/2 looks leprous and 1/2 looks clean.

Our text reads: Jesus healed a leper. Luke 5, Matt 8


Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!

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