The Holy Spirit Comes

Hi all! This month we’ll be learning the stories after Jesus went back to heaven and we’ll begin some of the teachings of the New Testament. Today’s story is from Acts 2.

10 days after Jesus went back to heaven to be with God, the disciples and some other people who loved Jesus were all together in a house celebrating the feast of weeks (called Pentecost) when a big wind came and what looked like fire came and rested near each of them and they were able to each speak new languages.

They started telling all the people who had come for the celebration about Jesus and everyone could understand them. The people were so confused and said “how do these guys know how speak so many languages?! have they gone crazy?”

Then Peter stood up and said “no! these guys aren’t crazy! This is just what Jesus said would happen! Even from the beginning of the Bible, it was said that a Savior would come and that He would die for us. Jesus is that Savior! He came and loved us and died for us and He rose again, and now His Spirit has come to us. Be sure of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Messiah. Believe in Jesus, tell Him you are sorry for your bad choices and you TOO can have Jesus live in your hearts like He has come to live in ours.”

“We are able to say these things because we have God’s power in us. His Spirit helps us do this!” (Remember: God can do ANYTHING! And when His Spirit lives in you, you can do amazing things for God too! He shares all He has with you!)

Lots of people believed that day and became followers of Jesus. They all lived together and studied the Bible together. They shared what they had and did just what Jesus said…they told everyone about Him and made disciples of all the nations.

If we too choose to believe in Jesus and ask Him to forgive our bad choices, then He will forgive us and live in our hearts too.

For our craft today we made hearts with fire. We cut out hearts from red construction paper and two layers of fire from yellow and orange paper (you could also use tissue paper if you wanted).


THIS is an exceptional video from the “Whats in the Bible” series (from the makers of Veggie Tales).

Thanks again for joining us. Love to you all!

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