Unity: Working Together

Hi all! Today’s lesson is from Ephesians 4. Paul wrote another letter, to the Ephesians. In this letter, one of the things he tells the people is to work on unity. Do you know what unity means? Unity means “being all together”…being one. We live in the United States of America. We are united…all the states work together to be one country. And all the people who love God can work together (unity) to share His love and tell other people about Jesus.

Paul reminds the people that everyone has different ways they can serve God. Some people do the talking on Sunday morning, some people lead the singing. Some people help take care of kids of older people. There are LOTS of ways to show God’s love, but none of them are more important than any other. We all work together. We are united. We are united to share God’s love, to worship Him and tell other people about Him.

Do you have any friends that go to a different church? Do they still worship God? Is your church better than theirs? Nope. Just different. If we love the same God, then we are united. We are together. We can love God together and we can love other people together. Paul says it’s important to work together because that helps us know God better and grow in Him. (Remember yesterday we talked about the fruits of the Spirit and growing in God?) Other people can help us grow in God. They help us learn about Him and they show us ways to love people. We should all work together, we can have unity.

Unity: working together.

For our craft today we wrote out the word: UNITY: working together

Then we cut out a few pictures of people working together and glued them around the word unity.


Thanks again for joining us. Love to you all!

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