Tower of Babel

Welcome back! Today’s lesson is from Genesis 11. Last year’s lesson can be found HERE.


So after Noah’s family got off the ark, they had a lot of kids and those kids had kids and those kids had kids and before long, there were a lot of people on the earth again. And…those people already started to forget about God…AGAIN. They thought they didn’t need God. They thought they were as smart and strong as God.

So…they decided because they were so smart and so skilled that they could build a big tower up to heaven and everyone forever would think “Wow! That’s an amazing tower! Those people must be GREAT!”

Instead of using their brains and bodies to do work for GOD, they wanted to build a big tower just for themselves, to show how great THEY were.

So…God knew this was not a good choice and He made them start talking in different languages. The people had so much trouble understanding each other they had to stop building.

Everyone who understood each other lived together in one group…and another group of people who understood each other lived in a different group…each group of people went off to live with just the people they could understand. God needed the people to trust HIM, not themselves.

Sometimes God lets confusing things happen. When you don’t understand something, you can always talk to God about it. God wanted the people to change their hearts and do things for Him….so when confusing or scary things happen, we can always remember to make sure our hearts are following God and He will help us. We can’t do anything without God, just like the people at Babel learned.

For today’s activity, we built and knocked down some towers. We also talked about how we need God and how we can honor Him with the choices we make, and not try to honor ourselves.


Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!


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