Our story today comes from Acts 6-7.

So before we learned that all the followers of Jesus were living together, sharing everything they had and spending their time taking care of one another and telling people about Jesus. But…it was a BIG JOB! So they needed more helpers. The main disciples chose 7 extra helpers–one was named Stephen.

Stephen loved to tell people about Jesus…but the leaders were not happy about it (AGAIN!) So they told people to lie about Stephen and say he was making bad choices…but he was just telling them about Jesus.

They captured him and then God helped Stephen tell all the people the story of the whole Bible. He told them about Abraham and Moses, about David and about Jesus. He reminded them of our sins and that we need a way to be able to be close to God because our sin keeps us from God…and that Jesus is that way. He was so filled with God’s power that his face even glowed!

But the leaders and some others were NOT happy and they took Stephen outside and started throwing rocks at him! They took off their coats and put them down next to man named Saul. Saul was happy that they were hurting Stephen.

Even though it was very scary and painful for Stephen, he prayed and asked God to forgive the people for this bad choice. Then…they threw so many rocks at him that he died.

Sometimes people will not trust in Jesus. And sometimes they will be mean to us. BUT, like Stephen, it’s important for us to remember that God loves them and to forgive people…even if they hurt us.

(And we will learn more about Saul next time!)

For our activity, we made a small diorama as we told the story.

IMG_7903 IMG_7905

Our story box has Saul holding everyone’s coats and a sad Stephen. The kids took turns throwing the rocks and we talked about the story.

Join us next time as we learn more about Saul…love to you all!

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