Peter Saved From Jail

Today’s story is from Acts 12.

Peter had been telling all the people about Jesus and the leaders put him in jail. They put a LOT of guards around him and then locked the door. After Peter went to bed that night, he was woken up by an angel.

The angel said “Peter, get up!” Peter thought he was dreaming, but he got up and followed the angel. The chains on his hands and feet fell off, the doors opened, no one stopped them and they walked right out of that jail! The gates opened for them and then when they got into the street, the angel left him and Peter suddenly knew it was NOT a dream! God had sent a real angel and he was really free!

He went to a house where he knew some  other believers were and knocked on the door. The servant there was SO excited to see Peter that she ran back into the house to tell everyone and didn’t even let Peter in! Ha! They let him in and then he told them ALL what had happened.

The next day the guards were all VERY confused and the leaders were very angry that they let Peter get away.

Sometimes, even when we follow God, sad things happen to us. BUT, we can trust that God is always in control and that NOTHING is too scary or too hard for God. There is nothing impossible when God is on your side.

For our craft, we drew Peter and the angel and made gates from pipe cleaners.




More from Acts soon. Love to you all!

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