From Acts 27

So, our friend Paul who was busy traveling and telling people about Jesus had AGAIN been arrested for talking about Him. The leaders took him from judge to judge to judge…to all the big leaders, but nobody really knew what to do with him?? Finally, it was decided he would go on a boat to Rome to see Caesar who would decide his final fate.

Paul joined over 200 other people on the boat but he warned them it was not a good time to sail a boat. The captain didn’t listen. Soon, there was TERRIBLE weather, lots of  storms and the boat rocked and rocked and creaked and rocked. The wind and rain were breaking the boat and the people were scared! They even had to hold the boat together with ropes!

Paul went and prayed and asked God to keep then safe. An angel came and told Paul no one would even get one little hair hurt as long as they trusted God and believed Paul. Paul rushed to tell them the good news.

Well the storms kept going and the people were scared and some of the guards were about to sneak away in a special rescue boat, but Paul reminded them they would only be safe if they obeyed God and stayed on the boat.

Soon, the boat got closer and closer to land and SMACK! The boat crashed near an island, but not one person was hurt. Everyone made it safely to the land.

Paul was able to show the people on the island of Malta some of Gods power. He was bitten by a snake and wasn’t hurt and he helped sick people be well. Then he told them all about Jesus.

Even though the shipwreck was scary, God had a big plan for Paul…God used Paul to show the soldiers and people on the boat that God is real and He cares for us. And He used Paul to tell the people on the island the good news about Jesus dying on the cross and living again for us!

Sometimes scary things may happen in our lives, but God wants to take care of us and He wants us to obey Him. He also has BIG plans for you and wants you to help others.

For our craft, we drew some water and sand (you could glue real sand to your paper). Then we drew some happy people (yay! we didn’t die!) and then cut out a boat. Finally, we glued some broken popsicle sticks and toothpicks for the broken wood.

image  image

Next time we’ll learn about John and his vision then we’ll wrap up the New Testament stories and start with “living in God’s love” (the teachings of the New Testament) in June.

Love to you all!

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  1. I would like to print off the Bible lesson Shipwrecked for my class this Sunday. My computer is not printing it off. Do you allow your work to be printed?
    Thank you,


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