Hi all!

Today we will be briefly touching on the book of Revelation (the last book in the Bible). Then in June, we will be studying all about living a Godly life (mostly the teachings of the new testament). I think in the future i may add more studies to this and expand it a bit, but this is an introductory lesson.

So John, one of Jesus’ disciples had spent his life serving God and telling others about Him. But, like Paul and Peter, the leaders weren’t happy that John was telling people about Jesus and they sent him away to a lonely island.

While he was there, he had a vision (a dream, a revelation). God showed him the end of everything. John saw Jesus and he looked shiny and bright and an angel told John to write everything down so we could read it and know what God wanted us to know about when He comes back for us.

Some of the things in this book can be confusing, but thats ok. God is in control and He will help us understand when the time comes..

Back before there was any sin, just after God created the earth and everything in it, there were some bad angels. One of them, Satan, was the leader and he lied to Adam and Eve and talked them into making bad choices and sinning. Ever since then, he has been called the “prince of the world” (But don’t worry, he’s NO MATCH for God!)

Satan and his helpers like to make trouble and get people to do bad things. They are so happy when people sin and are separated from God. But Jesus showed John that in the end, Satan and every form of sin and evil and bad things would be thrown away and gone forever.

Jesus also said, He is coming back to earth! To be with us! And He will make a NEW earth, a perfect earth! With no sadness or sickness or loneliness or ouchies. It will be a perfect place for those who love Jesus and the Bible says we get to spend FOREVER together!

The Bible describes this new earth as a wonderful place. It will be beautiful! (What kinds of things do YOU think will be there? What are some of the prettiest and best things you can think of?)

John asked when this would happen? When would Jesus come back and when would sad things be gone? But Jesus said “Only God knows. But He wants you to be ready for when He does come.” John wrote down some of the ways we will know it’s getting closer, but God wants us to love Him and to love others until Jesus comes back.

We just discussed what heaven/the new earth might look like. You could have your child draw a picture or cut out pictures from a magazine to show what it would be like.

I’d love to see your comments about this study and what your children might say about heaven! Feel free to share below. Love to you all.

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