Eutychus Saved

This story is from Acts 20:7-12.

Paul was traveling around telling everyone about Jesus. One day he was at a house talking to everyone there. The people were having communion (where we remember Jesus dying for us and living again). He planned to leave for a new city the next day so he stayed and talked really late. It was past bedtime, the sky was dark, the moon was out.

A young man named Eutychus was sitting in an open window upstairs listening to Paul. God’s word is not just for grown-ups…He loves when kids and teenagers listen to what He has to say. But poor Eutychus, he started to get very sleepy and fell out the window! He died from falling too far, but Paul wasn’t mad he fell asleep…he rushed down, laid on him, hugged him and by God’s power Eutychus was ok! Paul said “don’t worry! He’s alive!” The people took him home and were so happy he was ok.

Just as the people sat around and celebrated Jesus dying and living again, they celebrated this young man being able to live again by God’s power.

For our craft, we cut out the center of a paper to be our window. Then we drew sleepy Eutychus and taped a pipe cleaner to his back to the window so he could fall back out of the window and be lifted up again.

IMG_4475 IMG_4477 IMG_4478

We’ll have more stories in a few days. Love to you all.

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