Advent-Day 5-Abram

Hi all.

This month we are learning about God, Jesus, and Jesus’ earthly family.

The next person in Jesus’ family tree that we will learn about is Abram. (For complete lesson on Abram, see here).

From Genesis 12:1-7, after Noah got off the ark, his kids had kids and they had kids and they had kids and eventually there was a man named Abram who loved God. He was already a very old man when one day God told him to GO! Abram didn’t know where he was going, only that God said He would show him the way. So because Abram trusted God, he packed up his things and his wife and he went. He traveled around and around, living in his tent, waiting for God’s instructions. He didn’t have to know what the plan was, because he trusted God who knows everything!

God is omniscient (that means He knows EVERYTHING). Psalm 147:4-5, Isaiah 46:9-10. When things don’t make sense or seem confusing, we can trust that God is in control and that He knows what is going on. He has the answers.

Well, when baby Jesus was in Mary’s tummy…Joseph (who was going to marry Mary) was VERY unsure. He didn’t know how a baby got in Mary’s tummy because they weren’t married yet?! God knew Joseph was unsure and while he slept God sent an angel to talk to Joseph. The angel said, “Don’t worry Joseph. It is ok. God has chosen Mary to be the mommy of baby Jesus. And you will be his daddy. You will take care of him and love him. This is from God.”

Joseph trusted in God too, and even though he was very surprised, after that, he trusted that God was in control. Matthew 1

Bible story: Abram

Attribute of God: all-knowing

Jesus’ birth story: the angel reassures Joseph


Side one of our ornament today is a tent (we drew a triangle basically and cut it out and then glued it to our background circle).

Our text reads: Abram trusted the all-knowing God. Gen 12:1-7, Is 46:9-10, Psalm 147:4-5


For the other side we drew Joseph’s praying hands as he looked to God for the answers. We cut those out and glued them to our background circle.

Our text reads: The angel came to Joseph to tell him not to worry. Matthew 1



Then as usual, we taped a string on one side, and glued the circles together to form our two-sided ornament.

Thanks for joining us, love to you all!

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